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Top Five Baby Photo Albums For Girls.

Updated on July 18, 2012

Baby Photo Albums For Girls

Having a baby is the most special moment for any parent. The baby’s first years are often the most magical. It is amazing how quickly babies become toddlers and little people. They grow up so fast their major milestones come and go as quickly as a blink of an eye and it is easy to forget the small details of these major childhood milestones. Baby photo albums not only allow you to keep photographs of these precious moments; they also allow you to record those all important details of that moment that would otherwise be lost with time. Baby photo albums come in either boy colors, neutral colors or girl colors: Below is a list of the top five baby photo albums for girls.

C.R. Gibson Keepsake Memory Book First Five Years – Lulu

This memory book allows you to record important events and milestones in your child’s first five years of life. There are special pages for important first events such as the baby’s arrival and homecoming, as well as additional pages for journal entries including pages to record your pregnancy. There are also dedicated pages for family information such as a family tree, all about mummy and daddy; and visitors.

C.R. Gibson Loose Leaf Memory Book – Happi Baby Girl

This memory book comes in a loose leaf format which allows you to add your own custom pages. The book comes ready made with all the usual pages for your baby’s first five years: Mummy and Daddy; Before Birth; Watch Me Grow and Immunization Chart. The book features 12 full pages for the first year; 1 page for each of the first five birthdays; and 8 additional pages for notes, photos and keepsakes.

Pearhead Lil Peach Bear Photo Album

This adorable photo album holds up to 200 photos. It is ideal for recording all those precious moments of your baby’s first few years. As well as being able to fit a large number of photos, there is also space to write alongside them. This not only means you can keep photos, but also record important details of these moments such as the date. There are not many baby albums out there that hold as many photos and allow you to record details next to each photo.

Malden Baby Album

Although this album is a little smaller than other baby photo albums it is ideal for parents who do not want to spend too much money or have too many photos in one book. This baby photo album holds 100 regular photos and has space to write besides each one. It is also ideal for grandparents who want to chronicle their grandchild’s first years.

Elegant Baby Album

This simple looking but none-the-less cute baby album holds 80 standard photos which is ideal for recording your baby’s early days or first year. The front is decorated with a silver plated pram with an elegant design surrounding it.

A child’s first years have so many first events and milestones it would be a shame to miss recording them in a special way. These baby photo albums not only allow you to record images of these moments; but also record important details.


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