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Vince Case Memorial Site

Updated on July 20, 2017

Vincent Reginald Case - Paramedic

January 7, 1948 July 19, 2010 Vincent passed away in Central Saanich, his favourite place in the world. He was surrounded by those who loved him. Vince journeyed ahead of his first wife Catherine, sons Stephen and David, his wife Rita, her son Ben and daughter Melissa, his wombmate Michael, brother Jack, and sisters Theresa and Gloria. Grandpa Vince will be missed by his six grandchildren, Zachary, Harrison, Bronwyn, Joshua, Jennifer, Brayden and his numerous nieces and nephews. Vincent was loved and respected by everyone that knew him. In his years with the ambulance service, and as a volunteer fireman, he contributed to the community for over 30 years. Vince was always gentle, kind and caring. If you didn't know him, you missed having a great friend. Vincent's family and friends will miss him and life will be less humourous without him. He is without pain and at peace. The family wishes to thank the nurses and volunteers at Saanich Peninsula Hospital Palliative Care unit for the excellent and loving care given to Vincent and for the support to the family. A Celebration of Life was held at First Memorial July 26th, 2010. Memoriams can be made to Canuck Place, Vince's favourite charity or to the Paramedic Association of Canada Benevolent Society

Pre-service Music - From Vince's Collection

Sgt. J. Hutson

Letter to Vince during his last months

Uncle Vince, I want you to know how much you've meant to me, and what an inspiration you've been to me in my life. You are always caring.. always laughing, always loving.. You've always been one of my favorites :) So much so.. My first son even carries your name :)) Even when I joined the military... trying to decide what job to choose was easy for me.. because you came to mind... and so I became a combat medic :) Probably the best thing I've ever done in my life!!

It makes me sad that I cant be there to see you... and I cant even begin to tell you how much..

But know that you are always in my thoughts and my prayers.. and one day we'll see each other again.. and we can laugh and play like in the old days..

Until then... I just want to say that I love you..

Photo Reflection of Vince's Life - Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro

Daddy's Song

Written by Vince Case

Daddy's Song

To my lovely children that I love so much

Your Daddy is alone again yearning for your touch

Talking to my sons with bright excited minds

Hoping that you hear me and read between the lines

Oh Stephen the clouds are still happy

And the sun is smiling down

David you are a jewel and complete my crown

For surely I'm a King

When the two of you are around

You make my life so happy, gentle and serene

I carry your smiling faces within

And remember when love seems so lean

As long as I have you forever as my crown

Your Daddy's smiling face will never see a frown

So I hope you see I love you, even from afar

Love shining always bright

Like a millennium star

My Dad has a Magic Ambulance

Eulogy - Stephen

My Dad has a Magic Ambulance

The amusement parks best ride

He comes to get the special ones

Who always get what they need inside

It's bigger than you may have imagined

Filled with wonder and surprise, black holes, wormholes and rabbit holes, fantasy islands, midgets, court jesters and clowns, fairy tale animals, and all-sorts of licorice.

A magic ambulance is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Some ride through galaxies, some to the ocean floor, others get front row seats to their favorite show.

You don't need tickets or have to pay at the door, you don't have to worry about parking or even when you'll be home, you're always in time for the main event, they won't start until they find you. Most importantly you're always safe, comfortable and never alone.

Would you like to ride in a magic ambulance? Or maybe you'd like to drive. If so you should start your training right away cause its more than meets the eye.

Let's see, you'll need EMA 1, 2 and 3 plus Grey's anatomy

You have to run fast, drive fast, do push-ups, sit ups and heavy lifting, yoga, tight rope walking, acrobatics, interpretive dance, and synchronized swimming.

Magic Ambulance Attendant

Recommended Reading

Besides watching and reading all the science fiction and fantasy stories ever told you'll have to read about:

Backboards, gurney's and flying carpets

Narcon and self-defense

CPR for babies, Leprichauns and Hobbits with whoopy cushion modifications for trolls and tin men

When to wake a sleeping beauty, how to sedate an Ogre

Tear collection and the art of gentleness

Advanced Baby Talk

How to carry someone else's princess and transporting other royalty

Ventriloquism for Dummies

Helping the minimized: Dwarfs, Elves, Keeblers and other little ones

Hell's Angels and Priapisms, the art of safe diagnosis

Little Anne the CPR manikin and when to break it off.

Your Partner, your greatest asset - your closest victim

Hypoglycemia and making peace with candies

Pediatrics, Geriatrics and other tricks

Medical devices & comedy props - the art of conversion

And the sequel - Basal thermometer wands, Proctology finger puppets and other fiascoes

Necessary Skills

Things you'll need to know

How to remove stop smoking patches from Cheshire cats

Defibrillation with hand puppets

Mouth to Mouth for clowns without smearing their make-up

Scene assessment and picking just the right accent

Fixing broken smiles with sour candies

Fartless Palpation

Making mimes talk without saying a word and using only 1 hand


Magic Ambulance Attendants

I don't know if this is one of their secrets, but have you ever noticed that Fire engine red, ambulance red and clown red are the same red.


Magic Ambulance Attendants

Magic ambulance attendant upgrades can cause tremendous headaches, my Dad certainly got them and I don't know if its related but what started out as infectious laughter turned into an overactive funny bone followed by wild contortions, a trick leg, wide eyed craziness and an affinity for dressing up in strange clothes.

As the condition progressed the strawberry jam jars really started to pile up, that's when I started finding the 5 gallon bakery pails. Its hard for me to admit - even now but I'm pretty sure my Dad was a clown.

We're keeping an eye on his twin and we don't seem to be showing any signs of infection but if any of you have been with him for any length of time you may want to get checked. I don't mean to scare you but it could be contagious - just like him!

Duen Sea Reflection and Leaning Lee...

Photography and Poetry by Vince Case

Leaning Lee

Sailed chariots roaming free,

letting loose and leaning lee,

scuppers full slipping green,

between the swells,

sights unseen,

sundial mast clocking day,

shadowed nights never say,

passed by whom? Going to what?

Doors of the world no longer shut,

citizens only of open sea,

letting loose and leaning lee,

step aboard and feel free...

Vince, Friends & Family Memorial Slideshow Part 1

Vince, Friends & Family Memorial Slideshow Part 2

Duen & Tall Ship Photography - Vince Case - Sailing - Christopher Cross

Never time to say good-bye

written by Vince Case

Never time to say good-bye

Time has passed so quickly, I guess I've overstayed.

No more cards are being dealt, the last hand has been played.

That cold cruel wind has arrived and its blowing me away.

Never again to remember only just to sail into the universe,

and on forever past the sun.

No, there's never time to say good-bye,

or even reason why.

That one last kiss or endearing touch,

the children to miss so much.

Pastures wet with morning dew,

rainbows mists changing hue.

Looking skyward to my color blue,

all these things are left behind.

Only memories accompany, locked within my mind.

The tracks will soon be covered,

the rift will soon fill in.

The memory of my being here,

goes from bright to dim.

So there's never time to say good-bye,

or even reason why.

Just remember I thought of you,

as I was passing bye...


Condolences & Comments

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Man, seeing these slide shows sure makes it hurt and makes me miss the days of eld, hangin with my cousins and aunts and uncles in Victoria. Uncle Vince will sure be missed

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow Stephen....I was clicking around looking for Angie's email and came across your wonderful work! The greatest mysteries of all and your ability to honour your dad is profound. All my love and blessings,


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Stephen, Your Dad seemed to be a very special person, I loved what you guys did for him,great job. tu amigo Alex and family

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is the most beautiful tribute to Vince!!!!!!!!!! Beautifully done Stephen...Mom


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