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Tips for Working Mothers

Updated on August 15, 2010

Are You a Stressed Out Working Mother?

Don't Let Your Work Take Over Your Life
Don't Let Your Work Take Over Your Life

House Tips for Working Mothers

Sometimes it can seem impossible trying to manage every aspect of your life when you are working a full time job. By the end of the working day your energy has been zapped and the journey home is just a journey to another full time job. Housework never goes away and must somehow be slotted into the normal day, without taking up all of your time. Here are a few tips to speed up the housework process and make it seem a little easier.

Washing and Ironing

♥ Utilise the 30-minute wash cycle on your washing machine. You will be surprised that your clothes can become just as clean in a fraction of the usual time. Even if you have 5 loads of washing piled up you could have all of your clothes washed in two and a half hours.

♥ Do not be afraid to leave the washing machine on when you leave the house. For example, you can put a load of washing on before you leave for work in the morning and it will be ready for drying when you return, just don’t go putting your under wired bra in there!

♥ Once clothes are washed, hang them on coat hangers to dry. Doing this helps to take out a lot of the creases and if you’re not into ironing that much then at least they are already on their hangers, you can just pop them into the wardrobe when dry and iron them as you need them.

♥ This may sound obvious but throw away all those old clothes including all those socks that have holes in that you never wear but somehow keep turning up in the washing basket.


♥ Create a realistic timetable that you can stick to. If there is more than one person in your house then you could rotate who does what, when.

♥ If you have a caveman for a husband with no chance of any help around the house then try to do at least one thing every day for e.g. Monday – Hoover downstairs, Tuesday – Hoover upstairs, Wednesday – mop kitchen floor, Thursday – clean fridge etc.

♥ The best rule to stick to is – always wash up before you go to bed because you never have time to do it before work in the morning and that way, you won’t have as much to do when you get back from work all tired.


♥ The best thing to do is pre-cook the weeks meals on the weekend, then freeze them in containers and simply reheat throughout the week.

♥ Alternatively – use a slow cooker, which can be set up in the morning and dinner will be ready by the time you get back from work.

Family Time

Once you have got the chores sorted it is much easier to fit the family time into your day.

♥ Try to spend at the very least, half an hour a day with your kids doing homework or just playing (not watching TV!)

♥ Do make time for your husband in the evening (once the kids are in bed). Keeping him happy is half of the trick to keeping a peaceful home.

♥ Make some time for you; this could be done by having a long hot soak in the bath with a good book or spending a bit of time doing a hobby, or writing hubpages!

One thing I always try to do as soon as I get in from work or even just before I leave work if possible, is have a multivitamin tablet, one that has plenty of b-vitamins as this will give you a much needed energy boost and help you to stay awake for longer in the evenings. The tablets that you drop into a glass of water work the quickest for me. But a word of warning - dont take b-vitamins too close to bed time as you might find you can't sleep.

If you have any other suggestions on this issue, please share it in the comments section.


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