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Dining-in "lite" at Chilis, Greenbelt

Updated on June 26, 2018
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Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

Chilis' Chicken Crispers
Chilis' Chicken Crispers

A day after my birthday

My cousin and I met with our childhood friend Vicky, at Chilis, Greenbelt, it was my first time at Chilis although I have known the restaurant for more than 10 years now, I guess it was destiny for me not to be able to try it so I only have a slight idea on the types of food that they are serving. Will it be like TGIF? Burgoo? both offers american food in big servings, I am not sure it could be more than that?

So here came the menu, though I also looked at it, I gave my friends free hands to order, but as I observed, Chilis is also like Italianis but more than Italian foods.

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The Soup

The waiter offered us two types of soup. The cream of mushroom and the Chilis' chicken enchilada soup. My cousin warned me that I may not like it but since both of them chose the cream of mushroom soup, I chose the chicken enchilada soup to taste the difference. As expected my soup is a bit spicy, the taste of tomato is obvious but it is not just a tomato sauce or paste, It somehow reminded me of this Hot and Spicy soup that I tasted in one fine dining restaurant many years ago. If you love to challenge your taste, try my soup. It's good

Tostada Chips

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This one looks like nachos but it is not, this is a lot thinner and crunchier though I can't tell which taste is better. But I like it.. I like anything I can dip into salsa. One more thing this Tostada chips is bottomless. You can always ask for more, but in our case, our first serving is more than enough

Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

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We ordered this one because it's Liza's favorite. And she has reason to like it, caesar salad alone is already delicious and mouth watering, how much more if it is combined with grilled shrimp.

Chicken fritters

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Or Chicken Crispers are simply chicken strips in special batter and fried into perfection, it is always combined with corn and fries, with honey mustard sauce,

dining-in "lite"

I thought we were dining in "lite", because we didn't have rice and we only have one main course, which we shared with each other. I guess the starters like cups of soup, salad and tostada chips in big servings were enough to make us full, but we just can't ignore the chicken fritters..

I will definitely comeback to Chilis soon, as of now I am craving for tostada chips and I wonder if their pasta is good?

I also love the conducive atmosphere where friends can really talk for a long time. I now understand why Chilis has this staying power, and maintain its standing in the business in spite of fine dining restaurants, and Buffet or eat-all-you craze that sprouted like mushroom in all leading malls in the country..


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