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10 Weird and Beautiful Wines to Try

Updated on January 24, 2018

Humans have made wine out of various fruits and berries ever since wine was first discovered. Curiosity is a strong driving force behind invention, but some of these wines are more of the stranger type, while others are just plain gorgeous. From pumpkin to blue wine, all of them should be tried out by someone who likes a little unique taste in their alcohol.

1. Chocolate Wine


Looking for something original for a Valentine’s Day, or for a romantic date? Some companies want you to try chocolate wine. The most common variety is red wine infused with natural dark chocolate, though it comes in many different types, including milk chocolate wine, and even chocolate strawberry wine. The taste is described as sweet and resembling of chocolate-coated berries, so if you want to get a new experience or to show that your love is truly sweet then this may be the best idea for you.

2. Blue Wine


In July 2015 a Spanish winery introduced something absolutely new – blue wine. No, it is not a poetic name, nor is it a wine just coming in a typical blue glass bottles. The wine itself is really blue, and the inventors say that their goal was to create something original and that the blue wine was what they decided on, with the intention to make it pleasant and enjoyable. They say the wine combines both white and red grapes in it, which later goes through chemical processes for changing its color and flavor. They promise a sweet, flowery taste and if you are daring enough, you can purchase this strange product online.

3. Dandelion Wine


Dandelion wine is usually a homemade wine, produced from dandelion flowers and sugar, with lemon often added to it. There are a great variety of recipes for to make it at home and some countries consider it a traditional drink, but there are also wineries where you can purchase the finished product. Dandelion wine is also a traditional Amish drink and many communities sell it in little Amish shops. The wine is usually sweet and a pale yellow color, and described as having a taste like grass and fruit.

4. Rose wine


Anything made from roses is beautiful. And naturally rose wine is one of the most beautiful things with a notable rose flavor and scent. This is not your typical rose wine that is made from red grapes, it has actual roses in it. It is usually made from dried, edible rose petals, and many people prefer to make it at home, using more or less simple recipes, many of which you can find online. Rose wines tend to be rather sweet, and sometimes spices are added to it.

5. Lavender wine


Just as people try to make everything from roses, they try to make everything from lavender. The lavender wines sold by different wineries are usually white wine infused with lavender, with honey sometimes added to it. The homemade lavender wine recipes are usually not that different from rose wine recipes, and are rather common as well. Whatever way you would prefer to get your lavender wine, it will be a very unique, and of course have a strong lavender taste or smell so if you like lavender you can definitely give it a try.

6. Pomegranate Wine


Pomegranate wine is very popular in some countries. In Armenia it is considered one of the traditional drinks, for the country is very rich in pomegranates and they make many things from their beloved fruit. However it is widely produced in many other countries around the world and you can most likely find it in some wine shops. The wine is made from ripe pomegranates, without any additions, or combined with traditional wine, and the taste is not that sweet, although very fruity and very much like pomegranates. So for the truest pomegranate lovers this wine is the best choice.

7. Banana Wine


Banana wine originated in Africa, although now it is being produced in some other countries like India where the climate is good enough for bananas to grow. It has nothing but mashed ripe bananas in it and the ones who tried it describe it as a great experience, noting the wine has a pretty golden color and a sweet banana flavor. There are also some recipes of it to make it at home, so if you are into wine-making and into experiments you can try it.

8. Palm Wine


Palm wine is produced from the sap of a palm trees, and various species of palm can be used, and comes from Africa, although some Asian and South American countries gladly make and enjoy it too. The traditional ways of making the wine differ depending on the place where the wine is being made; some countries have several kinds of palm wine, because different species of palm trees which were used for their production. Palm wine made in different countries naturally differs in its taste, varying from sweeter to more sour and bitter tastes and has very hazy white color.

9. Pumpkin Wine


A great drink to enjoy during Halloween or to serve for parties is a pumpkin wine. Its history goes backto 18th century America, and even though it didn’t become as popular as grape wine, pumpkin wine is a great and fascinating thing to try. Pumpkin wine is usually a cute yellow color, with its taste (sometimes spices are added into it) differing depending on the winery you buy it from. Although the people who tried it usually say that they enjoyed the experience greatly, no matter what kind they tried. Pumpkin wine can also be sparkling wine, so if you are looking for something original—there it is. Some also like to make pumpkin wine at home, and the internet naturally has some recipes for it.

10. Cherry Blossom Wine


Japan has a very interesting and rich culture, and sakura—or cherry blossom—flowers are one of the most well-known and beautiful parts of it. So sakura wine was naturally created in Japan. It has the pale color of cherry blossom flowers, and their flowery scent, and the most beautiful thing about it is that it often has the actual dainty sakura flowers right inside the bottle. The taste of this beautiful wine is usually described as light and flowery and very sweet, and the people who have tried it, especially women, enjoyed it a lot. Cherry blossom wine is a true wonder, and a real work of art, so if you ever plan to visit Japan or can find where to purchase this unique product online, you should definitely do it.


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    • Linnea Lewis profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      Anna C Taylor, I'm very glad that you liked it! I'd love to try it, too, I have a fondness for rose-flavored things.

    • Anna C Taylor profile image


      5 years ago from Around the World

      These sound delicious. I've never heard of Rose Wine but man, I'd love to try it.


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