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15 Indian Street Food Your Gym Instructor Will Prohibit You From Having

Updated on June 12, 2014

India: Land of Delicious Food

India is known for its diversity- be it in people, culture, religion or language. It is the love of food and the gastronomically valued countrymen who keep the unity alive.

But there are many food which we just can't resist,but for our health reasons we just have to!!

Pani Puri
Pani Puri

Pani Puri

No matter what name you call it by- panipuri, pani ke bataashe, phuchka, golgappe, gup chup or by any other name, the fact remains that it is one of the most sought after street food in India.

Panipuri originated from the Magadh region of India; present day Bihar where it is also known as phoolki.

In West Bengal and specifically Kolkata, Phuchka is considered to be the king of this variety of snacks, compared to its cousins like golgappas or panipuris. The filling is made by lightly mashing boiled potatoes with black salt, salt, some spices, a generous portion of tamarind pulp, chilli powder. No phuchka treat is left behind without a "Fao" or free phuchka at the end of it.

Another famous variety of phuchka is dahi phuchka.


Different types of Chaat

This is an endless list when we consider chaat. Some of the most popular ones are- Bhel puri, dahi chaat, aloo chaat, samosa chaat, papri chaat and so on. Papri or deep fried chips are laid down first and topped with spiced potatoes, chopped onions, coriander, chillies, yellow Indian peas boiled, and dressed in red tamarind chutney and curd that tastes tangy sweet and a bit spicy.

Chaat are particularly amazing during the summers, as it gives a refreshing feeling. Chaats are found all around the country, and you will hardly find a person who doesn't like it.

Rolls- A yummy delight for the foodie
Rolls- A yummy delight for the foodie

Different types of Rolls

Rolls like egg roll, chicken roll, paneer roll and their double and triple variants are one of the most popular types of snacks in India. They are delicious and found in many variants. They come in a wide range of fillings and cost as well- thereby suiting the taste buds of everyone.

Nowadays Lebanese Shawarma rolls are very famous all over the country, which comprises of yummy fillings stuffed within the pita bread with mayonnaise oozing out.



Poha is actually flattened rice or beaten rice. All around the country, it comes to be known by many different names like ‘Atukulu’ in Telegu, ‘Aval’ in Tamil and Malayalam, ‘Chidey’ in Bengal, Bihar, ‘Chira’ in Assamese, ‘Avalakki’ in Kannada to name a few.

Poha is generally made by frying them in oil, and then add onions, potatoes and peanuts in it. Add a dash of lime and you have a wonderful snack in your hands. It is a very healthy dish with low fat levels.

Milagai Bajji
Milagai Bajji

Stuffed Milagai Bajji

Stuffed Milagai bajji is a very popular street snack in Southern India. Milagai’s are big chillies mostly found in south India which are filled with different delicious stuffings like coconut, potatoes, etc. Then they are dipped in a batter and deep fried in oil.

It is one of the most delicious popular snacks of South India. One can find this yummy snack almost in all nooks and corners of south India. Guests are often served this with pudina chutney.

Kachori and Samosa
Kachori and Samosa

Kachori and Samosa

Shingara, popularly known as samosa is a tetrahedral shaped fried pastry filled with potatoes, peanuts, onions, etc. They may also be available with fillings of mutton keema (minced mutton cooked), chicken, lamb, etc. and savoury filling that consists of spiced potatoes, peas, lentils, onions etc.

Sweet samosas are also very famous where sweet fillings of khoa, cashew and kismis are stuffed into it.

While, Kachoris are mostly stuffed with dal or spiced onions. There’s a sweet version of it as well.



A type of dumpling, which is native to Nepal, is extremely popular in the Northeastern regions of India. It is served with a hot chili sauce. Different varieties of momos are found all over the country, like steamed, baked and pan fried. Stuffings also vary from place to place.

Nowadays even chocolate filling is found in parts of the country. Momos are budget friendly and seems to be a hot and raging favorite among the youth.

Today, the momo fever has spread to every nook and corner of India.



Dosa is a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. Though originated in south India, it is one of the most popular snacks in India. There are numerous variants viz. plain dosa, masala dosa, rawa dosa, paper dosa, cheese dosa and other combinations.

Though dosas are generallt made with vegetarian stuffing, nowadays chicken and pork stuffing are also getting very popular among the northern and eastern parts of the country.

Cheese dosas are one of my personal favorite. Do try them.

Candy Floss & Gola
Candy Floss & Gola

Candy Floss & Gola

Cotton candy candy floss is a form of spun sugar. Since it comprises mostly air, a small initial quantity of sugar generates a tremendously greater final volume, causing the servings to be physically large.In local language it is also called "buddhi ke baal" ( old woman's hair), as its looks like one.

It is mostly found in two flavors- Strawberry and vanilla.

Ice Golas are crushed ice flavored with edible colors. Almost everyone shows off their colored tongue after having a gola. Some of the popular flavors are rose, kala khatta, pineapple, green mango, orange.

Have you ever tried mixing two or more flavors? If not, then I highly recommend that you try it.

Aloo Tikki
Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is a type of cutlet, made from boiled potatoes, mashed, then spiced and fried, with a semi-crispy outer crust. It is extremely delicious! Aloo tikkis are very famous among the youth, it is served piping hot, freshly made in front of you on a tawa.

Aloo tikkis can be eaten just as it is, another wonderful way of having it is by converting it into a chat. Hot tikkis are served with cold curd, which makes the whole combination a treat to die for!

Kanda Bhaji
Kanda Bhaji

Kanda Bhaji

Everyone in Maharashtra knows what a Kanda Bhaji is, it is better known as Onion Pakora.

It is found almost on the road side stalls and on the beaches as well. Recommendation for you foodie: Try it with the red chili chutney that accompanies it. It tastes better.

It has different names all over the country, like it is known as "piyaji" in Bengal. Office goers enjoy this snack with "muri" or puffed rice. It is indeed very tasty, & the oil accompanying it doesn't seen to bother anyone.



Jalebis are circular shaped deep-fried wheat flour soaked in sugar syrup. It tastes yummy whether served either hot or cold. It is a hot favorite in Indian weddings as well, where nowadays it is served with vanilla ice cream. The delicious combination of the hot and yummy jalebis with the cold ice cream creates a everlasting sensation on your taste buds.

Bread Pakora
Bread Pakora

Bread Pulao & Bread Pakora

Bread Pulao is an innovative variation to the traditional rice based vegetable pulao recipe. Bread pakora is a favorite tea time snack. It is made by dipping bread in a batter comprising of besan, coriander leaves, spices, onions and chilis. It can also be dipped in a batter made of eggs. It is a snack recipe which can be cooked in minutes.

It is found all over the country and is loved by people of all ages. It is also cooked in most homes when guests arrive on a surprised visit.



Chowmein or ‘Chow’ is stir fried noodles topped with chicken strips, fried scrambled eggs, stir fried vegetables, chopped onion and cucumber salad and ketchup. The noodles are quite hot and spicy, unlike its authentic Chinese origin, just the way Indians love it.

Egg Devil

Egg Devil, is quite an amusing and weird name. I still can't believe why it has named such. There is absolutely nothing devilish about it, on the contrary its is divine in taste.

Unlike what the name suggests, Egg Devil comprises of a boiled egg, cooked in spicy potato fillings and fried together in the shape of a ball, dipped in batter, which gives it a crispy texture. It is best to have it with tomato sauce.

Egg Devil
Egg Devil

Snacks to gorge on

Which food you cant live without?

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