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Easy Cocktails - How to Make a Lynchburg Lemonade and other Simple Whiskey Mixed Drinks

Updated on August 19, 2014

The Whiskey Special

Every bar has got to stock whiskey, it's not simply a "should do", it's a cardinal rule.

The problem is that many of us simply can't drink whiskey, at least not straight. Or in some cases, not without a strait jacket.

The problem for many of these people is that, they do actually like whiskey, but feel demonized when they ask for a nice scotch

on the rocks.

Or worse...

Cue: The bar is instantly quiet
Cue: The bar is instantly quiet | Source

See, most bartenders are highly amused / very irritated by customers who force exchanges of this nature;

Customer - "What's your best Whiskey?"

Bartender - "What's your taste (sir)" (hint of dread already)

Customer - "Oh, just, uh, give me your most expensive Whiskey then"

Bartender - "Very well (sir)" (knowing instinctively what comes next)

Customer - "Oh, and with Cola please"

But there IS another way, I promise!

Drinking cocktails is a licence to destroy the finest of drinks by mixing them with anything and everything, while in many cases retaining the qualities of these drinks that you do like.

Qualities that don't include, for example, going bat-shit crazy or choking in an effort to be a "Whiskey Drinker".

How do you order your whiskey?

Do you order like this...?

See results

Lynchburg Lemonade

This is like a Whiskey Sour for those who do recognise such qualities as mentioned above in themselves when they drink whiskey. You can also substitute the Jack Daniels with any Bourbon or Rye.

Required Ingredients;

  • Jack Daniels
  • Cointreau
  • Wedge of Lemon
  • Wedge of Lime
  • Lemonade
  • Ice

Fill a Boston Glass with Ice and add the following ingredients;

  • 4 Parts Jack Daniels
  • 2 Parts Cointreau
  • 1 Wedge of Lime
  • 1 Wedge of Lemon

Attach your shaker and shake very well.

Strain into a tall glass with ice.

Top up with lemonade and serve with a straw.

Rusty Nail with ice, in Whiskey Tumbler Glass
Rusty Nail with ice, in Whiskey Tumbler Glass | Source

Rusty Nail

This one will stick you like it's namesake. It's a very simple drink, only requiring two ingredients, and is an IBA (International Bartenders Association) Official Cocktail

Required Ingredients;

  • Scotch
  • Drambuie
  • Ice

Add the following ingredients to a Whiskey Tumbler glass with a few cubes of ice

  • 5 Parts Scotch
  • 2 Parts Drambuie

Stir gently and serve.

Rusty Nails make great Winter warmers too! Just omit the ice and relax in warm-comfortable bliss

Alabama Slammer

This is a refreshing fruity cocktail using the tasty Southern Comfort, a whiskey based liqueur. Popular in the 80's in college circles as both a cocktail and a shaker-shot.

Required ingredients;

  • Southern Comfort
  • Amaretto
  • Sloe Gin
  • Orange Juice
  • Ice

Fill a Boston Glass with Ice and add the ingredients as follows;

  • 3 Parts Southern Comfort
  • 1 Part Amaretto
  • 1 Part Sloe Gin
  • 8 Parts Orange Juice

Shake well for 3 seconds.

Strain into a Highball Glass with ice and serve with a straw.

Whiskey Mac

Nothing could be simpler than a Whiskey Mac. Just like the Rusty Nail, it's an easy 2 part cocktail, and it's definitely a Winter warmer.

Required Ingredients;

  • Irish Whiskey (i.e Jameson)
  • Ginger Wine (such as Stones Ginger Wine)
  • Ice Cubes (optional)

Add the following ingredients to a Whiskey Tumbler

  • 4 Parts Irish
  • 2 Parts Ginger Wine
  • (Optional) 3 Ice Cubes

Give it a quick stir and serve

When mixing cocktails

Getting the exact mix can be tricky, and in many cases is of questionable importance.When trying to teach new bartenders how to make particular recipes, they often aren't happy with descriptions like:

"Vodka, bit of Peach Schappes, Orange, and a dash of Cranberry"

I can understand why, it doesn't exactly lend a lot of information, but to me it gives all you need to know to make, what is essentially, a perfectly alright mix.

Take the description above at it's full value -
Most cocktails have at least 6cl (2oz) of alcohol, so you can divide "Vodka, a bit of Peach Schnappes" into 4cl Vodka and 2cl Peach (errr... 1.5oz and 0.5oz)

"Orange, and a dash of Cranberry"
Well, that's easy, a dash is a splash is simply not a lot of Cranberry Juice. So, fill it most of the way with Orange Juice and then add a bit of Cranberry. I personally just add enough to give Sex on the beach a nice peachy colour.

So, while I could say "Take 4cl of Vodka, then 2cl of Peach Schnappes..." and so on, it really isn't necessary. Once you understand some of the fundamentals behind cocktails it can really take away the mystique that makes so many people afraid to try mixing recipes for themselves.


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