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3 Favorite Food and Cooking Magazines

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you always looking for new recipes to try? Maybe you can't wait to try the newest food products or kitchen gadgets as soon as they hit the market. Does this sound like you? One great way to make sure that you have a steady stream of new recipes and foodie news is to subscribe to one or more of the top food and cooking magazines.

Fine Cooking

If you enjoy cooking and want to learn new ways to prepare mouth watering meals at home, you're sure to love Fine Cooking magazine. Every issue of Fine Cooking magazine features detailed recipes each of which is paired with beautiful food color food photography that lets you see exactly how your finished cooking project is supposed to look.

Each recipe is perfected in the Fine Cooking test kitchen prior to publication, and you'll love the fact that ingredient substitution and variation ideas are provided so you can give each dish your own special touch. You'll also find terrific tips from the test kitchen staff, ideas for must-have kitchen tools, and sources of inspiration to fuel your passion to create wonderful meals for your friends and family.

Food & Wine

If your tastes run to the gourmet side, you'll be delighted when each issue of Food & Wine magazine arrives in your mailbox. In every issue, you'll find instructions for preparing delicious dishes sure to please even those with the most discriminating taste buds, as well as tips regarding the best wines to drink – and why, information on travel and fine dining, and much more. Regular columns include: Chef Recipes Made Easy, Tasting Room, Test Kitchen, Well Being, Wine, and more. 

Taste of Home

If you are looking for family recipes that are destined to become classic favorites, Taste of Home magazine is a must-have food and cooking magazine subscription for you. Each recipe is contributed by a reader and tested in the Taste of Home culinary experts before being selected for inclusion in the magazine.

The delicious dishes you'll learn how to make from this magazine feature practical ingredients that are affordable and easy to find with preparation instructions that are written with the needs of home cooks in mind. You'll also find interesting tips and suggestions from the Taste of Home staff as well as from readers from varied geographic areas. You'll find yourself watching for your new issue to show up in the mailbox with bated breath!

Share Your Favorites

Do you have a favorite food and cooking magazine? Share your tips for terrific resources for foodie news in the comments section below!


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