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3 Scrumptious cake decoration ideas

Updated on February 5, 2016

Cake decoration is the most exciting part of baking cake. It gives an idea about how yummy the cake will be. Presentation of cake is very important, enough time should be given to topping so as it looks and taste scrumptious.

Listed below are 3 scrumptious toppings ideas for cakes. They have the same preparation time, only the ingredients and methods are more or less the different. Do try them and let us know your review about them.

Total time 1 hour

Prep time: 1 hour
Ready in: 1 hour
Yields: Serves equal sized pieces to 10-15 people


  • 1 Canned peches, slices
  • 1 Canned pineapple, slices
  • 3 M&m's (big packs)
  • 2 bottle Apple Jelly, paste
  • 2 bottle Strawberry jam, paste
  • A bunch of Cherries, Red & cleaned
  • 3 big bottles M&M's
  • A bunch of grapes, sliced
  • 3 big apples, chopped
  • 1 pack chocolate cream, whipped
  • Shredded chunks of chocolate
  • other fruits of your choice

Choice of sponge

All toppings can be done on a sponge cake. You can either bake the sponge or buy the ready made sponge from market. You can either bake or get a round sponge, square or of any other shape. Here we have used the round shape sponge cake for the best look.


  1. Divide your sponge into two pieces. Cut the sponge horizontally exactly from the middle so that you get two same round sponges.
  2. (For multiple layered fruit topping & Mixed chocolate & fruit toppings) Evenly spread a thin layer strawberry jam on the lower sponge, covering the whole sponge. Then spread some slices of Pine Apple and peaches over add some chopped apples to cover the whole sponge. (For chocolate layered topping) Spread a thick layer of chocolate cream all over the lower sponge and spread M&M's and shredded chocolate to cover it all.
  3. Now place the upper sponge over the lower one and press it gently so that it sticks to the lower sponge, cover the edge with either jelly or choclate cream.
  4. (For multiple layered fruit topping) Cover the upper sponge cpmpletely with a think layer of both apple jelly and strawberry jam. Then Spread the peach slices in any shape (here we've have done it in round shape). Add red berries, pineapple slices and other fruits (if any) to decorate the cake. (For chocolate layered topping), Cover the base of upper sponge with chocolate cream and then spread few slices of fruits over it, Then cover the whole sponge with chunks of chocolate until no fruits can be seen, now stuff few M&M's at different places and enjoy the mouth watering chocolate layered cake. (For Mixed chocolate & fruit toppings), cover the upper sponge completely with chocolate cream, and add jelly in small round pieces(do not spread jelly over the whole sponge), then add all (or few) fruits that you've got and then add big chunks of chocolate and M&M's all over the cake. Yay! And it's ready.

Multi layered fruit topping

Closer look

Multi Layered Fruit toppings is best for a person who is not so fond of chocolate. It is enriched with sweet fruits and jam and jelly, making it delicious and healthy to eat. You can even make few changes, like our main theme here is red and yellow, but can also change it to yellow and black by adding black berries instead of cherries.

Chocolate Layered Topping

Side view

Chocolate Layered Topping is loved by those who love to eat chocolate. It contains multiple layer of chocolate cream, shredded chocolate and also chocolate filled M&M's, hiding the secret layer of fruits beneath them. It is best of little kids who love chocolate.

Mixed chocolate & fruit toppings

what's inside?

Chocolate & fruit toppings are for those who likes to eat fruits and as well as love chocolate, it is loaded with fruit mixture and is full of chocolate cream and then chocolate chunks. Every bite of the cake will make you love it more. Do try it and make everyone crave for this yummy cake topping.

Make your own topping

The best part of these toppings are you can make few changes in them. You can add any fruit (not citrus) and any other chocolate (like branded chocolates), just cut them into small pieces and spread them everywhere. Just avoid to add bitter stuffs, because that may change the sweetness of cake and is usually not liked by many people.

You are most welcome to give any comments or suggestions below.

Happy scrumptious Topping!

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    • tajoo profile image

      Syeda Akhtar 2 years ago from Shenynag, China

      they surely are

    • tajoo profile image

      Syeda Akhtar 2 years ago from Shenynag, China


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      Maidi 2 years ago

      Yummiest hand made cake, lovin it ;-)