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3 Easy Family Dishes With Rice

Updated on May 11, 2012
Easy rice dishes
Easy rice dishes
Different types of rice
Different types of rice

What gives millions of people all over the world more energy? Rice.

Being a home maker and a mother of two growing boys, It`s very important that I create a variety of tasty meals for my family table. Rice allows you to create many yummy meals and side dishes that the whole family can enjoy plus benefit in health. Keep in mind brown rice is an healthier choice.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, where I developed a taste for Chinese fried rice,Thia dishes, Vietnamese soups, Sushi, and not forgetting the many delicious Indian curries with basmati rice. I lived with my two sisters, and once we invested in a rice cooker (highly recommend it) we prepared alot of these dishes in our own kitchen. Surprised ourselves and even saved some of our hard earned dollars in the process, eating out less.

Since living in Switzerland, where patatoes are highly favoured over rice, neverthless Ive managed to incorporate the european style as well. Oh, so many great rice meals, but I will stick with 3 this time:) Here are some of my favorite family rice meals which you will find enjoyable and easy to make:

1. Rice Soup with Asparagas:

Serves 4 persons:

1 small Leak

100 g Butter

8 dl vegetable stock

60 g Pre-boiled Long-grain rice

250 g green Asparagas

1 dl Cream


white Pepper


Prepare the leak, wash and cut in fine circular slices. In hot butter start braising them and than pour in the vegetable stock. Add rice and cook for 15 minutes with low heat.

In the meantime, with each asparagi, cut the stem in half around 4 cms long. Add to the soup and give 10 minutes to cook.

Pour the cream, stir swiftly. Cook it no further!

Add spice and serve.

Tip: Instead of asparagi, use fresh champignons, slice and add to soup.

2. Tomato - Peperone- Risotto with Olives

Serves 4 persons:

Olive oil

1 Onion, diced

300 g Risotto Rice

1 Peperone

5-6 dl Vegetable stock

3 Tomatoes

12 black Olives

100 g Butter

40 g Parmesan, shredded


Heat olive oil, add onion, than rice. Wash peperone, half, first clean out the inside, and than cut into cubes, not too small. Add to the pan and braise lightly.

Prepare and pour part of the vegetable stock. Wash tomatoes, dice and add as well. Bit by bit keep adding the remaining vegetable stock and stir over heat. Add olives and parsley shortly before the end of cooking, to warm up. Mix butter, than finish risotto with parmesan, and serve immediately .

Tip: Instead of fresh tomato, use pre-boiled can tomatoes

3. Wild Rice, Bananna & Pistachios:

Serves 4 persons:

200g Wild Rice Mix

100 g Butter

2 Banannas



Prepare rice in accordance with the packaging-information as indicated. Mix butter with rice. Slice the bananas at an angle (not to thin) add to heat and stir gently. Prepare the pistachios and spread over dish before serving.

Tip: Use medium ripped banannas.

How to Make Risotto:

Microwave Rice Cooker`s: Prepare Perfect Rice Every Time!


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