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5 Different Menu Covers for Long Lasting Impressions and Menus

Updated on March 10, 2010

Menu covers may be just a piece of paper, plastic or cloth, but they’re almost the first point of contact for the customer after taking a seat. A menu should harmonize with the atmosphere of the restaurant and menu covers are just as crucially important in making a good first expression. A menu cover fulfills a mixed role by being responsible for both making the menu appealing and protecting it from damage giving it a longer life span. Who would have thought such a minor detail could go such a long way?

There are many different types of menu covers, all of them are great at what they’re meant to do.

1.Washable menu covers are made of a piece of cloth or nylon-fiber and they’re a great way of taking part in saving the environment just a little step every time. These covers are great for their ability to be reused. There is an inherent problem that this cover style has; it only covers the outer pages of the menu leaving inner pages vulnerable against spills and stains.

2.Wipe able menu covers are usually transparent sheets of plastic designed specifically to protect the menu and be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. These covers are cheap and long lasting options that go well with almost any menu design and they’re readily available in catering related supply shops. They can look cheap though and their presence in higher-end restaurants is not always desirable.

A simple menu cover
A simple menu cover

3.Disposable. I in no way endorse anything that’s manufactured to be thrown away, but this is one of the better ways to open a new income stream for the restaurant. Local entrepreneurs can be invited to advertise on your menu covers and while providing some extra revenue, the cover protects the menu as well.

4.Tactile covers. I’m sure there are restaurants out there that push cuisines as far as they go and are looking for a way to impress their guests even more. Tactile menu covers are great to help reach the customer through all senses. Creativity is the limit here, piece of carpet, sand paper, rough or soft textures are great to add to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

5.Artistic or designer menu covers. These covers can provide canvas to local artists thus making the bond between restaurant and its surroundings even tighter.

Menu covers are a strong asset to any restaurant and should be used to add to the feeling of a place more often than we happen to see. There are not many ways to amaze the customer than paying attention to every seemingly unimportant detail.


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