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5 Great Syn-Free Slimming World Lamb Recipes

Updated on May 7, 2015

Slimming World Recipes

Staying motivated and on track with your Slimming World weight loss goals can be so hard when you are eating the same meals all the time, yes the pulled pork, diet coke chicken, chilli and bolognese are lovely but do you want to be eating them every week? Probably not. But then finding new Slimming World friendly recipes can be time consuming and difficult, or you just have to buy all the magazines and recipe books! That's why I have been creating this collection of articles (you'll find a whole host more at the bottom of this page or if you click my profile on the right), it'll help you discover new recipes quickly and easily.

This collection of recipes is all focused around Lamb as the main ingredient, plus they are all stn-free! Yay! That leaves you more syns for the nice stuff! If you are ever in doubt with a recipe though please ask your local meeting rep, rules change so often that I can't be 100% certain these will stay free in the future, but as of this date these are all stn-free lamb recipes.

I would still advise you join a Slimming World group or join online if you wish to follow the diet correctly as the help and support group can give helps hugely in your weight loss.

1. Lamb and Vegetable Curry

Syn Free Slimming World Lamb Curry
Syn Free Slimming World Lamb Curry | Source

Slimming Eats is a great site you should check out if you haven't found it yet, she has tons of yummy recipes to help you keep on plan and eat healthily. I'm not much of a curry eater myself but this looks really yummy (and I'm sure the recipe could be altered to lower the spice factor in it to suit your tastes if you wanted to) and I know lots of people miss take-aways whilst on plan, so this would be a great alternative. Plus curry is bursting with flavour usually so you don't feel like your on a diet or missing out on all the tasty food you love. Find this recipe here

2. Spiced Lamb Koftas

Syn-Free Slimming World Spiced Lamb Koftas
Syn-Free Slimming World Spiced Lamb Koftas | Source

Found this recipe on rather randomly, but they actually have some really tasty recipes on there. This one isn't listed as Slimming World but could easily be syn-free, you simply need to cook them using frylight or grill them instead, other than that the recipe is totally syn-free! I actually love Koftas, especially with a cool cucumber mint yogurt (you'll find a recipe to a syn-free version of that at the bottom). They have just the right amount of spice and are lovely and tender if cooked correctly. Find the recipe here

3. Lancashire Hotpot

Syn Free Slimming World Lancashire Hotpot
Syn Free Slimming World Lancashire Hotpot | Source

Lancashire hot pot is a good old basic recipe that is perfect for a hearty winter warming meal that all the family will love. I found this syn-free version on My Weight Loss Dream, another site you should check out if you want dieting tips and recipes, she has lots to offer. The main issue with hotpot is the gravy but she has made a syn-free version for this recipe which sounds just as tasty. The great thing about hotpot is you can load it with lots of yummy root veg and get you free and super free in easily! Find this recipe here

4. Spiced Lamb Mince and Potato Aloo Kheema

Syn Free Slimming World Spiced Lamb Mince and Potato Aloo Kheema
Syn Free Slimming World Spiced Lamb Mince and Potato Aloo Kheema | Source

I am a little bit in love with Two Chubby Cubs blog, these guys are awesome and so funny! Plus they have some wicked recipes so go check out their site asap! Its pretty new but their recipe archive is growing fast! Ok so this is technically another curry I suppose, but it is completely different to the one I posted above so felt it should be include in this recipe round up. This one uses mince and a whole stack of spices which would make a seriously tasty and aromatic dish! Find the recipe here

5. Fakeaway Lamb Doner Kebab

Syn-Free Slimming World Lamb Doner Kebab
Syn-Free Slimming World Lamb Doner Kebab | Source

And lastly the number 1 fakeaway recipe I see asked for in all the Facebook groups I am part of - Syn Free Doner Kebab! This recipe was found on, but there are lots of variations on it out there. I was surprised it was so simple to make, but it seems to be a lot like meatloaf really. Obviously if you want to have the pita bread you would have to use it as a Healthy Extra or syn it, but you can have the doner kebab just with the salad if you want. Find the recipe here

Tip: Serve with syn free mint yogurt! Find it on the Slimming World site here

© 2015 Chantele and Julie


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