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What Top Things To Make With Tomatoes And Mozzarella Cheese

Updated on May 15, 2013

Imagine....your sitting on a lanai resting against the support of a glossy white chair, listening to the sounds the neighbors mowing there yard. The kids down the street playing with there dog happily. Crickets are chirping in the background as the sun slowly sets, and as you smell the freshly cut grass you get a sense of ease and fullfillment. Your mom is in the kitchen and you know that dinner is almost ready now that you cannot hear the wooded sounds of the cutting board anymore. Misquitos buzz quietly trying to sneak a ninja attack, finally here.

You ever notice how the foods you never forget are the ones your family cooks for you every season? And when you eat those foods 5, 6...10 years later a surge of all the memories come flooding back as though you had just come from the matrix and someone downloaded information into your brain. Well I like to think my parents wanted me to keep all these good times stored in mozarella cheese and tomatoes, because this was truly the dish that was served at my house all summer long.

Its quick, its easy and simply refreshing. After a day of work and toil, all you have to do to make the classic Mozerella and Tomato Salad Recipie is literally your cutting board, a knife, some tomatoes, a block of cheese and a few various spices and oils. If you can spare ten minutes and you have all that, your golden and on the way to a great meal.

Mozerella Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Zesty Basil and Spices.

Now the classic recipe of the salad doesn't have the one ingredient that my family always added, and it wasn't until maybe three years ago that I realized that. So here's what your going to need in order to make a platter that will serve approximately three people. If your serving for more people than just add two tomatoes and 1/4 a block of cheese that weighs at a pound, for every person. If you think they wont eat much of the tomato then obviously just only buy one.

-5 tomatoes

-1 pound of mozarella

-A few sprigs of fresh basil


-Olive Oil

-Balsamic Vinegar

-Salt and Pepper

The first step is to get out your cutting board and find your best slicing knife. Make sure to wash your tomatoes and take the tops off first. Slice your tomatoes at about an inch thick or however fat you would like them to be. Put the tomatoes aside in a dish. Wash off the cutting board since you don't want your cheese to get soggy while cutting and dry it off. Now your going to slice the cheese slightly thinner than the tomatoes, and stop when you get about halfway through the block of cheese.

The goal here is to make a circle around the platter by layering the tomatoes and cheese one after the other. So if your platter is square the same layering concept would apply. When you run out of cheese slices, make some more till the platter is complete with all the tomatoes you have.

The ingredient that my parents always used was Balsamic Vinegar, and I know what your thinking...weird. I've heard that Rachel Ray pours it on her version just today, so maybe it isn't so uncommon. Trust me and take that balsamic vinegar and pour it all over your new beautiful platter. It gives it a great zing. Your going to want to have most of the bottom of the platter filled with the Balsamic to let it marinate for a few minutes.

Go ahead and take your Olive Oil out. You don't need much, just a couple capful's. Just lightly drizzle it over your salad.

Next step, Basil and Rosemary. Its pretty much is self explanatory if you just look at a picture, but I've found that if you crush up or rip your basil up a little bit it makes it so much more noticeable in flavor. Now you don't need a ton of Basil and Rosemary, actually see how much you might like and spread it over the salad. However you do it, fresh herbs always make a dish look classy. When you're done with that all you need is a light layer of salt and pepper. Annn Presto! Good food stuff.

Note: What you can do alternate the salad would be to add Avocado or Cucumber or onion. Or just add all of them!! It makes for a really awesome combo.

Crunchy tomatoey cheesy garlicy YUMMY

Next up is Tomato and melted Mozarella on toasted garlic bread. One of my favorites! Works really well for an appetizer or a side dish.This is pretty simple,

What your going to need:

-2 tomatoes

-1 block of mozarella 1/2 pound

-garlic spread

-1 loaf of garlic bread as soft as you can get, from your local bakery or supermarket ( pre-sliced perferablly)

-fresh basil

-salt and pepper


Go ahead and preheat your oven to 345 F

Get a cookie sheet pan, any kind of cooking paper or just lightly spray the pan with non stick butter. Take your garlic bread and generally the softer the better, if its already got seasoning on it I would just lightly butter and layer the garlic spread.

Take your tomatoes wash them, take the tops off. What I do is one tomato slice for every piece of bread. It looks pretty and usually two slices is too much tomato, but if your a tomato lover...all the more power to ya. Do the same with your block of mozarella. Slice it however you like and then stack you cheese and tomato on top of the garlic bread so that it layers across nicely. Sprinkle your salt and pepper, slip it into the oven for about 5 minutes and you should have some perfectly toasted garlic bread.

Garnish your new badass appetizer with basil, and impress the neighbors with your cooking skills. Its always nice to reap the rewards when it takes almost literally no effort =)

Note: A different variation like the top picture is to finely chop up your tomatoes and cheese. If your bread doesn't have any flavor to it, try using Italian Seasoning.

baby Tomato + baby Mozarella + skewer = crazy good kabobs

Switch it up with rosemary sprigs

This is definitely a good start to a summer dinner. These tasty morsels will keep your guests entertained or make a great snack while you watch firefiles pass by your yard. Either way, there delicious and as always take up barely any time.

What you need:

  • wooden skewers or toothpicks (depending on how long you want them)
  • 1 pack of roman tomatoes or grape tomatoes
  • 1 pack of baby mozarella bites
  • fresh basil
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • salt and pepper

First always start by washing your tomatoes. Take your cutting board and knife and slice all your roman tomatoes in half, if you want them whole then use grape tomatoes. Find a suitable platter and get your toothpicks or skewer and rip your basil to appropriate sizes to put in between your tomatoes and mozarella. Alternate tomato, cheese and basil on the skewer. Then drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bon' appetite!

Note: To add to your skewers to make more of a main dish, add chicken or steak. Another inventive way to skewer your tomatoes and cheese is put them on sprigs of rosemary.

Mmm melty...

...and memorizing

Alright! This is going to be YOUR decision on what kind of bread you want for your sandwich. It all depends if you want to toast your bread, or if you have a george forman grill or pitabead sandwich maker. I have to say my favorite is a croissant bun or on grilled pita bread. Either way its going to be melty goodness.

What you need:

  • what kind of bread you like (suggestions: whole wheat, bakery buns, croissants, potato bread and pita bread)
  • mozarella cheese
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 avacado (optional)
  • fresh basil
  • salt and pepper
  • garlic powder or onion powder

-For those who want the toasted effect or don't own a grill:

Ok so first off your going to need to preheat your oven to 345 F. Chop up your tomatoes and cheese into slices, make sure you wash the tomatoes first. Slice up your avacado if your using any and peel it. Now stack up your cheese, tomatoes, basil and avacado the way your going to want it, NOT on the bread. Set your bread on a pan and slip it into the oven. Wait for 5 minutes or until toasted, put onto plate and quickly assemble your stack onto the bottom piece of bread, lightly sprinkle salt and pepper, garlic powder or onion powder and put your top piece on.

-If your wanting the grilled effect but don't have one:

If your wanting to grill your sandwich and don't have a grill, then use a skillet to get somewhat the same effect as you would from a grill. Stack all your ingredients into your sandwich and cook as though your making the worlds largest grilled cheese.

-Grill it baby:

If you have a george forman grill or pita sandwich maker, then take your ingredients and put them in the bread cook until golden brown on either side.

Enjoy your awesomeness.

Fantasic Summer Pasta

Cool summer pasta is always the best, don't ask me how its refreshing it just is. These are some different ingredients that seem to bring out the best flavor to make your tastebuds say "ahhhh".

  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 pack of baby bites mozarella cheese
  • olive oil
  • yellow onion
  • basil pesto
  • 1/2 pound of bowtie pasta
  • crushed garlic
  • salt and pepper

Once you've cooked your bowtie pasta take 4 spoonfuls of basil pesto and toss them together until the pasta is covered. Put it in the freezer to cool while you work on the other part of the meal.

Sauté finely chopped onions in a two capfuls of olive oil for 5 minutes until golden, add the a tablespoon of crushed garlic and your roughly chopped tomatoes next and stir for 3 minutes. Sprinkle salt and pepper until you've found it so be well seasoned. Turn heat onto low and throw in the mozarella bites, the goal is to heat them up not melt them entirely. Stir for a minute or two and then take it off the heat. Get your bowl of cooled pasta and mix the two together! Garnish with fresh basil leaves. =)


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      I think it is the photos that inspired me to try some of these. Great hub with great ideas.


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