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6 Traditional French Foods to Try When In Paris

Updated on November 26, 2019
zouina sarfraz profile image

Zouina is in medschool but her love pho food is very much. She loves exploring new food avenues.

6 Traditional French Foods to Try When in Paris

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about French foods and France in general but were too afraid or lazy to ask!

I've long planned to visit France, and there was never a day when my fascination towards the language, the travel destinations, and the food stopped. Being a second language French learner, and avid preacher of how French is one the most romantic languages in the world. In general, Traditional French foods rely on the natural and rich blended mixture of the French ingredients. Food is an integral part of France’s culture, and all the tourists that visit the hot locations look for the finest options. The most exceptional food will not always be available at high costing fine dining places. It might also be available for a couple of euros too, from a local Foodmaker.

Here are a few of the most iconic foods to try when in Paris:

1. Steak Frites

Eating this is like eating an epitome of a bistro dinner, the simplistic steak, and the optional sauces, and chips elevate the taste of the entire dish. Another great addition to the “steak frites” is when the meat is carefully cooked and selected, and the potatoes are hard and crispy.

2. Croissant

Walking past a bakery that has put out freshly made croissant on the morning with the warm smell of chocolate, and the freshly removed spell bounding butter is indeed captivating. This is the perfect addition to your early and fresh morning walks. There are fewer bakeries though that take it onto themselves to make fresh croissants every day. A lot of the kitchens use frozen croissants instead, as it is time saving. If you do visit Paris, make sure the bakery is a master of the craft.

3. Macarons

Macarons are one delicious pastry that consists of 2 shells that are glued together, either with ganache or buttercream. The birthplace of this sweet was in Paris itself and has taken the world by storm. What adds more to the attractiveness and appeal are the various colors that are available and the bite-size production. It is worth knowing that not all macarons are freshly made in the local bakeries in Paris, and the taste may change the nature of their production. The rainbow style sweet is a treat to the eyes.

4. Baguette

Paris is the proud owner of the top spot in making top-notch Baguettes. Simply put, the French people have mastered the art of making the best Baguettes. There is a competition within France that elects “the best Baguette in Paris” every year.

5. Raw-milk artisanal cheeses

Paris is the center of the country with regards to the dining places and the food eating habits. The “cheese shops” make the best quality of cheese for the partisans to eat. The best kind of cheese is the raw milk one and should be eaten only is your immune system is tolerant. The making of this cheese is seasonal, though.

6. Street styled crepes
Visiting Paris and walking around the streets, you’ll find out that there are many crepes vendors around the area. Crepes are truly wonderful to eat as an afternoon snack. The best stands are those that make fresh crepes for every new customer and be sure to buy your special treat, warm and fresh, and the way you like it. Adding a stuffing may not always be the best option, and butter/sugar should be enough to gain the Paris crepe experience.

Comment below if you've had good eating experiences while in Paris!

© 2019 Zouina Sarfraz


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