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7 Best Decaf Coffees in US

Updated on August 18, 2016

No decaf coffee is totally decaffeinated. The best ones are 99 percent caffeine free, which, by industry standards is called "complete" decaffeination.

Extracting the caffeine from coffee beans is a complex process that usually involves the use of some sort of solvent, a chemical one.

Lately, companies have been utilizing more friendly methods like natural solvents or water (Swiss water method), specially when it comes to organic beans.

The decaffeination process not only deplete the beans from their caffeine content but also reduce the elements that gives the coffee its flavors and aroma.

This selection is based on sampling of decaf coffee performed by Coffee Review, the world leading website for coffee buyers.

Decaf coffee in 1932
Decaf coffee in 1932


I choose the best decaffeinated coffees rated in the last three years.


The rating system they use is as fallowing:

95 to 100: exceptional

90 to 94: outstanding

85 to 89: very good

80 to 84: good

75 to 79: fair

70 to 74: poor

less then 70: not recommended

coffee roasting grades
coffee roasting grades

1. South American Blend organic Decaf Coffee

Rated 90 - the newest rated decaffeinated coffee - on July 2010
Comes from Brazil and Colombia
Decaffeinating method: water method, non chemical

Complete decaffeinated.

where to buy it: at Cafe Valverde wbsite

Good price: $10.25/lb

Roast: comes in light, medium and dark

Grind: whole beans, drip, french press and espresso

Short description: flower and fruits aroma with a balanced body

Other notes: a pack of 6 is discounted; Shipping is pricey and you need to create an account and subscribe to their newsletter in order to check out.

2. Single-Origin Decaf Coffee

Rated 90 on December 2009

Comes from Thailand, arabica coffee
Decaffeinating method: water, non chemical

Where to buy: at Doi Chaang Coffee website
Expensive: $18.29/lb

Roast: comes in medium-dark roast only

Grind: whole beans, drip, french press and espresso
Short description: cocoa chocolate and raisins aroma, sweet full body
Other notes: they provide a flat shipping at $10 for Canada and $12 for US. Also, the site is a little hard to navigate.

3. Decaf Espresso

Rated 93 on August 2008

Comes from Sumatra and Brazil

Decaffeinating method: water, non chemical

Where to buy: at

Expensive: $11.95/12oz

Roast: medium-dark only

Grind: whole beans only

Short description: vanilla, sage hickory aroma with a balanced medium body.

Other notes: You can buy green beans also.They offer a very cheap flat rate shipping of $3 in US only. they also guarantee your coffee arrival in 3 days. Very easy to navigate website.

4. Sumatra Lake Tawar Decaffeinated

Rated 92 on March 2008

Comes from Sumatra

Decaffeinating method: Swiss water process

Where to buy:

Expensive: $11.95/12 oz

Roast: Medium

Grind: whole beans, drip, french press

Short description: earthy, spicy, herbals aroma and full body and low acidity

5. Decaf Redline

Rated 89 in July 2010

Comes from Brazil and Mexico

Decaffeinating method: direct solvent process (chemical)

Where to buy: at Try it at their Cafe in Chicago (the address and hours are posted on their website)

Good price: $12.95/lb

Roast: medium-dark

Grind: This roaster is more sophisticated. The choices are more fitted for coffeemakers. Their grind comes in: whole beans, cone shaped filter, flat bottom filter, french press, pumped espresso.

Short Description: caramel and chocholate and fruits flavor, medium body and balanced acidity.

Other notes: shipping is calculated by zip code and they guarantee the delivery in 1 to 4 days in US. They also offer subscriptions as a gift choice.

For online orders, they roast the coffee Monday through Thursday.

6. Jackie Oh Organic Decaf

Rated 89 in July 2010

Comes from Indonesia

Decaffeinating method: water, non chemical

Where to buy: at

Price: $15.25/lb

Roast: medium-dark

Grind: we do not know but sure what kind of grind they offer for this kind but we suppose there is whole beans, drip, french press and espresso, as for other coffee they sell.

Short description: wood and molasses, with a medium sweet body.

Other notes: they ask their costumers to register in order to check out. The site needs improvements.

7. Decaf Colombia

Rated 89 in July 2010

Comes from Colombia

Decaffeinating method: natural solvent

Where to buy: at, Whole Foods and other grocery stores located in California

Price: 14.95/lb

Roast: medium-dark

Grind: surprisingly different, this decaffeinated coffee comes in whole beans, coarse, medium, fine, extra fine, turkish

Short description: fruits with dark chocolate

Other notes: their website lists the restaurants that serves their coffee in California and New York. New costumers need to register to place an order. They have no information about shipping unless you register or sign in.

Most of these blends or single origin decaf coffees are also organic and/or fair trade. The majority of roasters listed sell regular speciality coffee and some of them sell also tea. Most of them post extended information about their brands, along with guides to roasting or storing coffee or explain the decaffeinating methods.
The sources of this list are Coffee Review and the websites of the coffee roasters from above.

Coffee Review is the best site for collecting information about speciality coffee. Their testing has gained the reputation of accuracy and impartiality. The site features a large selection of coffees reviews, glossary and articles.  


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    • Taranwanderer profile image

      Taranwanderer 3 years ago

      I'm a fan of Keurig coffee. Nice hub though.

    • profile image

      Ron 6 years ago

      IMO, the best decaf coffee with the least amount of caffiene affect is YuBan from California.

    • profile image

      Tara 6 years ago

      Hi there! Do you happen to know what process Timothy's uses to decaffeinate its coffee?

    • cameciob profile image

      cameciob 7 years ago

      Mike Chronos, you are right...Still the majority of caffeine has been removed. I think that's way they call it decaf. Thank you for stopping and commenting.

    • profile image

      Mike Chronos 7 years ago

      I think they should have to call this coffee "mostly decaf", since no coffee is actually fully decaffeinated.

    • cameciob profile image

      cameciob 7 years ago

      Thank you for stopping by Tina V. I always believed that decaf coffee shouldn't be just a tastless brown water but have some of real coffee value. Once I had to drink decaf for a while and I didn't have any information to help me "cope". That's why I wrote this hub. I'm glad you appreciate it.

    • TINA V profile image

      TINA V 7 years ago

      This is an informative hub about decaf coffees. You shared important information about it from its origin, rating, price, roasting grade, its method, and even where to purchase it. You are indeed a coffee lover. Thumbs up!