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7 Flavored Olive Oil Options and What They Go Best With

Updated on October 30, 2012

On a recent trip to San Diego I did something a little bit unusual; I went on an olive oil tasting. I've always liked olive oil. I think it's terrific as a dressing on salads, wonderful tasting as a drizzle on steamed vegetables and great for dipping breads into. But until I did this olive oil tasting, I really had no idea how many different tastes this great food could have. I always just bought extra virgin olive oil and used that for everything. After the tasting, I've been spoiled; now I buy flavored olive oils and use different ones for different recipes.

Here are my seven favorite flavored olive oils and what I think they taste best with:

  1. Citrus Olive Oil. This is my favorite type of olive oil because it has a nice fruity flavor that is fresh and light. It is my favorite flavored olive oil for fresh salads because it has a nice dressing taste to it but is light enough not to cover up the flavors of the individual vegetables in the salad. I also sometimes use it on top of steamed vegetables like broccoli, adding a lemony orange taste to the vegetables that sweetens them up and brings out their natural flavor.
  2. Lemon Olive Oil. Lemon olive oil is similar to citrus olive oil except that it's tangier instead of sweet. Citrus olive oil has more of the orange flavor in it whereas lemon oil just tastes lemony. It's also a great flavored olive oil to use as a salad dressing or on top of steamed vegetables. It is also terrific for using to cook fish since it gives a nice lemony flavor to the fish. I have used lemon olive oil on white fish although I'm sure it goes well on other types of fish too.
  3. Garlic Olive Oil. If you've been to a great Italian restaurant then you might have already had the opportunity to try garlic olive oil. If not, I suggest that you do. It has a bold flavor that goes well on meats. It is also a great flavored oil if you have breads that you want to dip into olive oil as a snack or appetizer. I happen to also think that this makes a great condiment for sandwiches, especially cheese sandwiches, and will use it instead of mayo or mustard.
  4. Basil Olive Oil. If you enjoy the taste of basil then you might like this flavored olive oil. It goes well with almost anything - vegetables or meats. It's a good one to put on chicken since the basil-chicken flavor combo is a good one. It's also a top choice for when you are cooking pasta dishes.
  5. Rosemary Olive Oil. This is another one that is a terrific choice if you are looking for a light flavored olive oil that works on pretty much any type of dish. You can put it on salad, use it to cook meats or simply use it for dipping. It's very versatile.
  6. Pepper Olive Oil. People who enjoy things that are spicy are going to want to check out pepper-infused olive oil. It's tangy to the taste. Some people enjoy this for salads but it's particular good for frying. Got some fajitas that you want to fry up? Use this olive oil for that extra kick.
  7. White Truffle Olive Oil. This is an indulgent type of olive oil. I rarely use it but I have tasted it and think it has a wonderful rich flavor. White truffles are becoming increasingly popular among fans of the culinary arts so this will definitely have a place in a lot of kitchens today. It is great with red meat dishes, cheeses and anything that has mushrooms in it.


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  • Dolores Monet profile image

    Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

    Kathryn, may have to try that, especially now with the herbs growing in the garden!

  • Kathryn Vercillo profile image

    Kathryn Vercillo 7 years ago from San Francisco

    @Dolores Monet ... It is possible to make them at home. If you look up "how to infuse olive oil" you should be able to find some tips. :)

  • Dolores Monet profile image

    Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

    Kathryn - I love olive oil but have never heard of these flavored oils. They sound delicious.I wonder if you can just float some herbs in a bottle of olive oil....

  • thevoice profile image

    thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

    excellent culinary hub work thanks