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7 Food Items You Must Order in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Anaheim

Updated on August 5, 2019

When we talk of Vietnamese cuisines, the image of Banh Mi and Pho comes to mind. While Banh Mi is an oblong sandwich, Pho is a tasty, aroma-filled noodle soup. Just as we think of pizza when talking of Italian food, Banh Mi and Pho tops the list when talking of Vietnam.

However, Vietnamese cuisine is not limited to just Banh Mi and Pho. There are many more dishes in Vietnamese cuisine that are equally tasty and popular.

Here are 7 food items that you must try while visiting a Vietnamese restaurant in Anaheim.

7 Food Items to Order in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Anaheim

1. Bun Cha

This Vietnamese dish contains an aromatic mix of flavors with fresh noodles, barbecued pork, fish sauce, and a hint of sliced papaya, herbs, and carrot. Just order Bun cha and enjoy the fresh noodles the steaming flavorful broth.

2. Pho

Pho is prepared with rice noodles that are served in chicken or beef broth. The broth is the star of this dish and is prepared using 15 or more ingredients. While the core recipe remains the same, the additional ingredients can change as different families use different ways of preparing this dish.

3. Che

If you have a sweet tooth, Che is the dish for you. It is a type of soup that combines the relishing sweet flavor of kidney beans, coconut cream, grass jelly, and tapioca fruit. While you can enjoy the sweet flavors of Che anytime and in any weather, it is best eaten during the summer, when served with crushed ice.

4. Cha Ca

Cha ca is prepared by grilling white fish after marinating it with galangal and turmeric. For the uninitiated, Galangal is an herb resembling ginger. The preparation is served with rice vermicelli, fresh dill, puffed rice paper, and peanuts.

The different elements of this food item are served separately and you will have to assemble it on your own at the quantity that you feel is right for you. Start by filling your bowl with rice vermicelli, then add peanuts, dill, and rice paper (which should be broken into small pieces). Add some pineapple sauce and fermented shrimp paste before eating. You will not be disappointed.

5. Banh Beo Chen

If you are an avid #instafoodie and need instaworthy dishes to keep the #foodgasm alive, then Banh Beo Chen is a must try for you when you visit a Vietnamese restaurant in Anaheim.

Banh Beo Chen is delicious rice cakes that are served in round saucers. Pork skin, the crispy fat of pork, fried shallot, and minced shrimp are the toppings that are added to the dish before serving. The cakes are served in little saucers with a bowl of sweet fish sauce. Pour the sauce on your food and enjoy the flavors. You can order it as an afternoon snack, in lunch, or as an appetizer.

6. Bun Bo Hue

The best way to start your exploration into Vietnamese cuisine is to order the Bun Bo Hue, a spicy soup. This dish is prepared with pork hocks, red oil, beef shank, and huyet chunks. It may seem overwhelming, but you would love the strong flavor and spicy aftertaste of this dish. Bun Bo Hue is served in a lemongrass broth and thick noodles.

7. Bun Rieu

For all the people, who love crabs Bun Rieu is perfect for you. It is served with rice vermicelli and tomato in rice paddy crab broth. The cuisine is cooked with tomato and rice paddy crab paste until the crab patty rises and starts floating. The final taste is tangy and delicious. The preparation is topped with cilantro and green onion for freshness.


From fish sauce to kalamansi citrus fruit juice, every food preparation in Vietnamese cuisine has fresh ingredients, a hint of uniqueness, and mouth-watering flavors. So, the next time you visit a Vietnamese restaurant in Anaheim do not forget to try these food items for a great culinary experience.


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