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A Banana a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Updated on December 22, 2017

Banana Benefits

There is a broad array of benefits your body receives when you eat a banana a day. In fact, you might even want to change the old mantra An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away to a banana, instead. The fact is that not only do you reach weight loss goals faster with a banana; you also get a more regulated heartbeat, better nutrient provision and healthy bowels. Plus, you get tremendously healthy eyes when you eat a banana daily. The reason for this is that bananas have healthy compounds of vitamins for the eyes. You may even want to keep a group of bananas in your workstation and simply keep replenishing the stock. This will help you reach for a fruit rather than a soda when you are craving a pick-me-up. In fact, when you have a food source such as a banana near you, it is unlikely you will reach for anything else when you feel a snack craving.

Increase White Blood Cells

Fully ripe bananas with spots increase the likelihood of producing the cytokine TNF-a compound. This potentially increases the count of white blood cells which helps in fighting cancerous changes in cells and enhances your immunity. In fact, increasing the consumption of fruits in general, including bananas is probably the best thing to do for your health. Include bananas and other fruits in baking muffins, pancakes, cupcakes, loaf breads and even children’s food to gain the full benefits of health.

Acne and Psoriasis Cure

Believe it or not, banana skin also has benefits. You can use it to treat and cure acne and psoriasis successfully. All you need to do is to gently rub the fresh peeled skin interior of the banana over the skin areas affected and leave the remaining residue on your skin to absorb it. The content of fatty acid within the skin of the banana assists in the relief of these skin conditions as well as having strong effects of moisture. In the event you are suffering from acne, at first, you will most likely notice more redness than before but give it a few days and you will see tons of improvement. After all, a banana isn’t going to work instantaneously on your acne, it will take some time. Use a small area to do a skin test if you are worried. Usually, it will take some weeks to get the entire benefits from the banana skin. As you can see, it isn’t just the interior fruit but also the exterior skin of the banana that has tremendous benefits to your health.

Treatments of banana skin are actually used in traditional medicine to heal warts. All you need to do is to keep rubbing peels of bananas on warts and tape these. Repeat this process and leave the skin taped on the warts overnight for one week until the wart is gone.

Healthy Eyes

When you add one banana daily to your diet, it helps maintain healthy eyes. Bananas have small amounts of the fat-soluble vitamin A which is necessary for normal vision and eye protection. Vitamin A includes alpha carotene and beta carotenes in its compound series. These preserve eye membranes and are components of one protein that brings light within your corneas. Daily A-vitamin intake will lessen your risks for blindness at night and is necessary for vision every day. Women need vitamin A daily in amounts of about seven hundred micrograms, while men need nine hundred. One banana has vitamin A amounts of about ten micrograms. Also, there is beta carotene and alpha carotene in bananas that convert into the A vitamin to keep your eyes in tip top condition.

Your Heart Works Better

When you eat a banana in the beginning of the day, your heart truly benefits from this. In fact, your heart functions much better when you eat a banana at the start of every day for the rest of your life. Bananas happen to be rich in potassium, which is a mineral electrolyte. When you consume potassium this gets directly absorbed through your intestinal walls into your blood. The potassium then gets all over your bodily cells and helps dissolve cell fluid. It travels across membranes of cells to keep balanced fluid surrounding each cell. This process keeps your system flowing with electricity necessary for you to have a healthy heartbeat. You tend to get an irregular heartbeat when you lack potassium, which is also known as potassium deficiency. Bananas provide three hundred sixty milligrams of potassium per piece.

Stay Regular

When you eat one banana each day, you are consuming about two and a half grams of fiber. This helps keep your bowel movements regular. Since the type of fiber bananas have is classified as soluble, this means that it goes right through you without being digested. Since it can’t be digested it “sweeps” your digestive track as it moves along, taking along a lot of waste and pushing it out in the process. For every one thousand calories you eat, your bowels are healthier when some of the calories come from eating a banana. In fact, just from one regular-sized banana, you get about ten percent of your need for fiber each day.

Bananas Help You Lose Weight

It can be a challenge to find weight-loss food that really does the job. However, bananas are perfect. Not only do bananas help curb your sweet cravings, they are really filling. There are at least ninety calories in a banana of regular size. This is a fraction of the calories you would normally get when you eat a small chocolate bar. Plus, half a banana’s fiber content is soluble. This means it slows digestion and absorbs water when it is in your digestive tract. Food then stays in your stomach for some time and you are full, as a result. If you have bananas for breakfast, you will not overeat at lunch time. Plus, you save money not having to buy too many vitamin supplements with all the nutrients a banana actually contains.


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