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A Dietary Summary & My Dietary Opinion

Updated on April 12, 2019
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.


Kamp, Jurriaan. “Can Diet Help Stop Depression and Violence?” Ode Magazine Sep. 2007: Print.

A Dietary Summary

In the article Can Diet Help Stop Depression and Violence? Mr. Jurriaan Kamp informs the reader that a good diet is important for the psychological well-being of any given person. Mr. Kamp includes information on a study by Oxford psychologist Bernard Gesch. Mr. Gesch performed said study with prisoners and discovered an increase in good behavior among those prisoners that were given health supplements. Mr. Kamp informs us that there exists a second example of the aforementioned study and the discoveries of the two studies are relatively consistent. Mr. Kamp reminds the reader that studying the relationship between mental health and nutrition is a concern, because multiple variables exist that may contribute to the discoveries of any given study. Mr. Kamp provides the reader with a study that gives evidence that there is a correlation between good diet and the psychological health of children. Mental disorders are increasing and a good diet is an applicable method to prepare our world for the following years. Mr. Kamp concludes that better eating habits may help the people of this planet to be more tranquil.

My Dietary Opinion

Within the article “Can Diet Help Stop Depression and Violence?” by Jurriaan Kamp, the author informs the reader there may exist a correlation between mental health and nutritional consumption. I agree with the author’s position subjectively, and I accept that the objective information that Mr. Kamp gives is sufficient enough for the reader to synthesize a good opinion from the author’s essay alone.

I subjectively agree with the conclusions that Mr. Kamp gives, and I appreciate the author’s intentions. I exist as a witness that increasing one’s nutritional intake increases one’s mental health. My consumption of nutrition continues to increase and my health increases in conjunction. I advance to be happier, more energetic, and more lucid as my consumption of nutrients continues to increase. Furthermore, I regularly read articles that give examples that affirm that a healthy diet is important for a healthy mind. There are multiple online articles, from a variety of sources, informing readers that a good diet helps to perpetuate a healthy mind. Not all of said articles are from sources that are as reliable as Mr. Kamp’s article, but every article that I have read concerning the correlation between nutrition and psychology has helped to persuade my opinion to be the opinion that I share with Mr. Kamp. Additionally, a number of my loved ones have informed me that their psychological health has improved with the improvement of their diet.

In his article Mr. Kamp gives enough objective information for his demographic to possess an opinion constructed from the durable foundation of factual data . Moreover, the examples that the author introduces to his audience give the reader the appropriate quantity of information to produce a good opinion. The author gives plenty of examples of studies that support his thesis and these studies are all from academically respectable sources. Additionally, all of the studies that the author includes in his article support his hypothesis that there exists a positive correlation between good mental health and good nutritional intake. Furthermore, the author gives statistics that help to continue to illustrate the opinion of the author objectively. The statistics that the author gives in paragraph twelve include a dependent variable, an independent variable, and even an example of a control group.

Mr. Kamp exists as a credible source for objective information. The author has an extensive history in relation to his business within the field of professional publication. Said services include the employment of Mr. Kamp through the services of the European Parliament. Moreover, Mr. Kamp is one of the initiators of, and continues as president of, Ode Magazine. The reliability of the content of this aforementioned magazine is verified by the contributions given by Mr. Kamp.

The author respects the intelligence of his audience by giving his readers objective facts that help to support his subjective opinion. Accordingly, any given person from Mr. Kamp’s demographic may read Mr. Kamp’s article and remember the facts that were given. Once any given person has read the author’s essay, that person has in his or her possession enough information to give an opinion on the topic that the author addresses in his article.

I agree with Mr. Kamp that good health and good diet contribute to one another, and I support the author’s objective contributions throughout his essay. With the application of my own experiences, I subjectively accept the author’s position as well as his intentions. Additionally, Mr. Kamp’s examples are objectively reliable. Mr. Kamp practices a good ethic by educating readers of the importance of nutritional consumption. I share the author’s opinion that a good diet is important for one’s mental well-being, and we share the desire for an improved world.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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