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The Easy Way to Mix Cocktails For The Non-Mixer

Updated on December 4, 2009

Following a cocktail recipe can be as complicated as following gourmet dish recipe. While there are people who can glance at a recipe and produce a picture perfect dish, or can taste a drink and stroll to the bar and concoct the cocktail from scratch there are some of us who do not posses the inclination of a bartender or the time and patience to produce such magic.

Having a full bar available can be a joy, but most of us don’t have the space, time, and knowledge to stock a bar well. With an average of 3 ingredients per drink and some cocktails having up to seven liquid ingredients being able to stock a bar is not only expensive but also it requires more space than we may have available, especially in New York apartments.

Then of course there is the actual mixing of the drinks. People see a full bar and they may be inclined to ask the bartender for exotic cocktails, when all we can manage is a Cuba Libre or as we’ve all come to know it as, a Rum and Coke. Still, we may feel like having a Margarita, or Pina Colada, a Martini, or even a Hurricane. Fortunately for us there are alternatives to owning and maintaining a full bar, alternatives which provide all the joy and enjoyment of being able to have or serve a quality cocktail drink without having the expense or the space needed for a full bar.

Now we have the ability to enjoy all of these favorite cocktails and more without spending the time to learn the mix drink recipe or stocking all the mixing bottles.

Welcome to The World of Dry Mixes

Normally cocktail mixes are in liquid form. These new drink mixes are in powder form. Why powder?

Taste. Liquid mixes require additives to extend the shelf life. These additives leave an after taste that is distinct and can not be mask. Powder cocktail mixes don’t have them so the taste is far better than their liquid counterpart

Convenience. Mixing from these dry cocktail mixes is as easy as opening the envelope and dropping the content in a glass, adding water and the appropriate liquor. Imagine the surprise from your friends or guests when you hand them a perfectly made, Prickly Pear Margarita, or a scrumptious Sour Apple Martini. And since the mixes are  one packet per drink every time you serve one is as fresh as from your favorite bar. Come to think of it your bar may become the favorite bar.

My brothers and I first encountered the dry cocktail mixes when we were looking for mixes to take on our yearly camping trip. Dry mixes were excellent choices because the bottles for liquid mixes took too much space, created too much garbage, and they were always at the risk of breaking.

We loved them so much we now use them at home. Whenever we need a cocktail we can always count on having the perfect one for the moment.

There are three many companies which sell dry cocktail mixes. The cocktail mixes can be purchase at local supermarkets or can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Below are some of the ones we've tried.

Baja Bob’s makes mixes for some of our favorites; Margarita Mixes, Sweet-n-Sour, Mudslide, Martini, Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Mojito, Daiquiri, and Hurricane.

Bar-Tender’s provide mixes for some of the classic and most loved cocktail mixes: Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Appletini, Pina Colada.

Island De-lites—Has and entire bar available with their mixes for Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Sour Apple Martini, Prickly Pear Margarita, Strawberry, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Sweet & Sour, Rum Runner, and Hurricanes.

Dry cocktail mixes have become so popular that you can even order personalized packages for their guests as wedding favors, from or for birthdays from

While purists will snub dry cocktail mixes in favor of mixing their cocktails from scratch, most of us will embrace them for the same reasons we have embraced instant coffee, microwave dinners or 3 in one laundry detergents, they’re easy, convenient, and save time and money.


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