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A Really Good Coffee

Updated on March 12, 2012

How it Came about

One of my former students and I wanted somewhere to have a long conversation. On a Thursday afternoon about 3pm this was not that easy, and we ended up in an Islamic Nightclub.


We had coffee, and the coffee was wonderful. I had read about caffeine buzz and the way a coffee can set you up for half a day, but I had never personally experienced it. I was so enthusiastic about the coffee that I asked the name of the club so I could telephone them and track down the coffee.

My student got a buzz out of my advice, and it worked for him. Thinking how to repay me he tracked down the coffee for me. He appeared at my house one day with a brand new coffee grinder and a kilo of coffee beans.

Just Love Coffee

The supplier was Just Love Coffee of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. They supply restaurants and clubs. They sell their coffee beans in vacuum sealed kilo bags, normally 6 packs in a box, but would sell me a single kilo bag when I next need one. Looking at their site they supply coffee, grinders and other coffee machinery, juicers and the like. Interestingly they only supply roast whole beans and powder for vending packs. Having tasted their coffee I see why they do not bother to have a wider range of coffees.

I am now experimenting with grind sizes, volume and waiting time. The recommendation is one spoonful per person. Every mix has had a distinct buzz, and I am working on finding the balance between an all day or half day buzz and swinging from the chandeliers buzz. Yes I am a convert to real coffee.

Most of the beans are now stored in sandwich bags in the freezer, with the ready use beans in a former peanut butter jar. I really am impressed with this coffee.


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