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A Review of The Restaurant of The Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie Texas

Updated on November 22, 2010
the catfish plantation
the catfish plantation

     On an Interstate south of Dallas, in Waxahachie, Texas, The Catfish Plantation Restaurant serves on a daily basis their finest catfish to hush puppies to the public. This Victorian Restaurant sets with a large porch which is enclosed now, with a large bay window, big front yard and white picket fence. This Victorian Gingerbread home had been built in 1895, by a farmer by the name of Anderson. Mr.Anderson had passed the home to his daughter, Elizabeth, who had lived in the home herself. She had passed on her wedding day, in the home, in 1920, from strangulation, in the area that is now the ladies' restroom .

The murder had been reportedly been committed either by her ex boyfriend or an old girlfriend of her husband to be. Years later, with the Great Depression Era, another farmer had moved in, by the name of Will. Will had passed away in 1930 from an unknown illness. In 1953, Caroline and her family had moved into the home, where she had lived her life until 1970 when she passed at the age of eighty. When Caroline had passed away, the Victorian home on Water Street housed three more restaurants and then had been vacant for several years after.

That was until Tom and Melissa Baker purchased the home in 1984, unaware of the activities in the home and naming it the famous Catfish Plantation Restaurant. Since the Restaurant, there has been uncountable occurrences by the owners, employees, patrons, news crews, and paranormal investigators. Some investigators include, Discovery Channel's, Ghost Lab. Klinge brothers who investigate the most haunted places on earth today. As seen on their television show, they have noted that this restaurant is the most haunted place they have been out of their top ten most haunted places.

After Tom and Melissa Baker purchased the home, Mrs. Baker had commuted most of her time back and forth to the home while it was being renovated into the restaurant. One morning, while Mrs. Baker unlocked the door and walked in, she found a pot of coffee already brewing when no other person had been in the home. On an other occasion, a few weeks later, Mrs. Baker once encountered into the home, to find her large iced teapot sitting on the kitchen floor with coffee cups stacked inside of it.

Employees have even encountered coffee cups, wine glasses, cooking herbs and food being thrown through the air by unseen hands, next to dishes rattling for no reason. They have heard pounding on the walls, and fast moving cold spots. The kitchen menace is that of Caroline, the eighty year old lady who had reside in the home from 1953 to 1970. It's said that Caroline , who had loved cooking back then, doesn't appreciate the restaurant now occupying "her" home today.

Elizabeth, who was the daughter of the farmer, who had built the home in 1895, is said to be known in the home by the scent of roses, and cold spots. She enjoys to reach out and touch diners when they are eating. The full bodied apparition of Elizabeth made herself presence known during a seance held in the home. During the seance, the candle that was lit in the center of the table had burst into a explosion of light.

The door to the kitchen open, revealing a woman in a wedding gown. The specter had floated to the room before disappearing before everyone's eyes. Elizabeth has been appeared several times in front of the bay window, gazing out into town. Once Elizabeth had followed a patron home one night. Apparently, the customer had expressed sympathy for the spirit of Elizabeth and the poor woman had been awakened late that night to find the apparition of her standing at the foot of her bed.

She claimed Elizabeth was only visible from the waist up and that the restless spirit gave her an old fashioned powder box in the shape of a lady. Will's spirit, the Great Depression era farmer, who had lived in the home and passed away in the 1930's, lingers around usually the old front porch. The porch is now enclosed as an entry to the restaurant. Will is said to be responsible for some cold spots through out the restaurant. Will is said to be dressed in bib overalls.

Once police officers had actually approached the restaurant and seen a man dressed in overalls standing on the porch. When they walked towards him, he vanished into the shadows. There have been other claims which include a broken clock that occasionally chimes, doors unlocking themselves, lights going on and off. Water faucets that unxplainably turn on by themselves that have been claimed by people who have been in the home, to the people working in the kitchen claiming the refrigerator door being opened and closed by unseen hands.

Psychics and many investigators have visited this home to see for themselves the paranormal activity. It is such a remarkable truly experience to see this Victorian home have strong activity still active today. With three spirits in the home, it is a wonder to see how such these murders and decades in between can together to cause such activity.


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