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A breakfast burrito recipe that you will love

Updated on September 16, 2014

Breakfast burritos to freeze

freezer bag meals that you can make ahead.
freezer bag meals that you can make ahead. | Source

Just heat it and eat it.

I am not sure on what else to say. This is a great recipe to make. Last week I ran out and I need to make another batch. I love the fact that you can just heat it in the microwave and you have a nice quick snack that can get you on your way. I am anxious to make this with spicy sausage. I had been looking on pinterest for for some make ahead breakfast ideas. We always skip breakfast. A cup of coffee is not nutrition.

This time that I make the burritos I am going to use spicy pork sausage. Ohh I already told you that. I have always used red potatoes too. I have not tried just regular potatoes. I lot of people also cook the sausage and they scramble the eggs in the same skillet as the sausage was cooked to give it that extra flavor.

That is when I came upon this article on how to make breakfast burritos to freeze. I wanted to save time by prepping ahead and I needed some easy freezer meal recipes. I was able to get 20 burritos out of this. All I used was sausage, egg, potatoes and cheese. That is all of the breakfast burrito ingredients you need.

This is what you need to make them

breakfast burrito ingredients
breakfast burrito ingredients

Get your storage bags for your breakfast burritos to freeze

Breakfast burrito ingredients that you need

This is what you need to get started.

  • 1lb of your favorite sausage
  • 1 doz eggs
  • 6 small red potatoes
  • 2 cups of cheese
  • 20 8 in tortilla shells
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 gallon ziplock bags
  • 1 roll of plastic wrap
  • sour cream optional
  • salsa optional

Start to brown your sausage. Cook until done. Drain the grease and set it to the side to cool.

Peel and cut up your potatoes into cubes and cover the pain with oil and cook them for about 10 mins until they are done. Set the potatoes aside and let them cool. Crack your eggs into a bowl and season to taste and scramble the eggs until they are cooked. Set them to the side to cool also.

When all of the breakfast burrito ingredients are cooled then lay down your flour tortilla shell and place one spoonful of sausage, 1 spoonful of potatoes, and 1 spoonful of scrambled eggs. Next add on your cheese and roll the tortilla in a burrito. After you have wrapped the burrito up, take out a sheet of plastic wrap and wrap the burrito and place it in a gallon freezer ziplock bag.

When you are ready to serve then take out of the freezer and defrost for 1 min and cook on high for 45 seconds. If you have them thawed then just microwave for 45 mins wrapped in a paper towel. I have had a couple of these burritos for lunch and they really do hit the spot. I really like mine with Salsa and sour cream but that is optional.

Breakfast Burritos wrapped in plastic wrap

Bags ready to go into the freezer.  20 breakfast burrito ready to be eaten.  Make ahead breakfast ideas.
Bags ready to go into the freezer. 20 breakfast burrito ready to be eaten. Make ahead breakfast ideas.

Give it a try and make your own burritos

I hope by reading this hub that you have learned how to make your own breakfast burritos They not only save time but that save money as well. I love that fact that it was really so easy. If you plan things out then you can really save. I hate having to be somewhere early in the morning and you did not make time for breakfast. well not anymore. Pop this baby in the microwave for 45 seconds and you are done.

I will add this into my freezer bag meals section. I will plan on learning more ways to save time and money and eat good at the same time. I had really fun making this video and writing this article. I have also seen people using whole wheat tortilla shells too. I have seen people make it with turkey sausage, or venison sausage. What are you gonna have in your burrito? I hope by coming to this hub you will make your own version of the breakfast burritos.

Making breakfast freezer burritos

Sour cream or Nah!

What do you serve with your burrito?

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