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A restaurant worth waiting a year to report: New Jersey's Sage Diner

Updated on December 27, 2016

Pretty much exactly a year ago, on my way back to Baltimore from an international flight, jet lag and a ravenous appetite demanded to be assuaged -- immediately. But still, I like to try unique flavors and experiences on the road. Mt. Laurel, New Jersey's Sage Diner is family owned and one of a kind.

Life kind of collapsed after I had a good meal there, thus the delay in reporting. But it's still worth knowing about! They're generally open 6 am to 1 am and can fulfill a wide variety of cravings.

This diner definitely has New York/New Jersey influences on its menu: fresh bagels and lox are garnished with Italian jardinera salad. Taylor Pork Rolls figure prominently, a cut of breakfast ham beloved in that part of the country. Their French toast is made with challah bread. Whitefish salad -- a favorite of New York and New Jersey delis -- is available with bagels and cream cheese. Their fresh asparagus and cheese omelette is a sophisticated dish, light enough for an elegant lunch.

The dinner menu is remarkable, with a massive range of breakfast type items, Greek offerings, Italian food, lots of different steak, veal and sumptuous seafood dishes.

For extra indulgence, their bakery has everything from Greek pastries to gorgeously decorated cupcakes.



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