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The Tuna Chick---A different kind of salad.

Updated on August 1, 2015

Salad, salad and more salads.....

Once in a while, I like to have a good salad. Sometimes, depending on the mood I am in, I would eat a good vegetable salad. In my opinion, a vegetable salad is not a salad if it doesn't have tomatoes and some lettuce. Coming from a Puerto Rican backgroud, I like to eat lots of rice and beans. From time to time, I would have some pork chops or steak. Other times, I would simply have a vegetable salad. Once I mix my rice and beans, I, then, add the salad. Add to it, some Italian dressing and my meal is fit for a king. Vegetable salad can be an enlightening experience at our dinner table

Vegetable salad.
Vegetable salad. | Source

A good tuna salad.

A good tuna salad is when I want to take a break from eating pork and other beef products. Tuna, in itself, is very low in calories and good for your body. My wife would add some onions and some potatoes, along with some other ingredients. She would, then, add some mayonnaise, giving the tuna a special flavor. Tuna is very easy to prepare and if you like seafood, it makes a great treat for the whole family,

Tuna Salad.
Tuna Salad. | Source

Chicken salad!

I admit it! I am a meat lover! I like to have my meat, but as I age, I realize that it is not good for me. Many times, I would settle on a nice chicken salad with, of course, some mayonnaise. With a good chicken salad, you can enjoy both worlds, as you add some vegetables and even some fruit. I satisfy the meat cravings inside of me while I can have some vegetables and fruits to benefit my body. Chicken Salad is my favorite of all the salads.

Chicken  Salad.
Chicken Salad. | Source

The Dynamic Duo of Salad--Tuna Chick!

That is what I called my wife's latest invention--The Tuna Chick! A combination of tuna, chicken, and other fine ingredients. When I tasted this, I said---Wow great taste and it hit the spot. I could not provide you with a picture of it, but trust me, if you like tuna and chicken, this salad is for you! Enclosed is my wife's latest recipe. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have----

Tuna Chick

1 or 2 cans of tuna (Drained)

Chicken or breast already cooked

2 Dill pickles

Add some mayonnaise

1/2 onion chopped

Cut up chicken and mix with tuna. If using regular size dill pickles, you only need two. If you are using mini pickles, you can use more than two. Cut pickles really small and add to tuna/chicken. Add onions and mayonnaise. Mix all together.

Closing thoughts.

Well, that's it for now. Hope this Tuna Chick works out for you. I am planning on sharing some more crazy recipes from my wife, but in the meantime, I have enclosed more links on some great recipes as well as a video of a popular Puerto Rican dish. Enjoy and Bon Apetite.

Puerto Rican recipe.

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