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A tasty and elegant new way to drink tequila: Root7 Himalayan Salt Shots

Updated on May 17, 2017

With summer upon us, you're going to want to bring out quick, easy, fun drinks to your guests. Of course, shots are about the simplest thing you can serve -- you don't even have the sensitive temperature considerations of wine or the pouring skills for beer. But can shots ever be elegant, rise above frat party associations? Yes, with Himalayan Salt Shots by Root7! I was happy to be given the opportunity to try them.

About the product

Root7 is a UK company focused on creating fun, functional products in which to store and present drinks. The Himalayan Salt Shots are available in 2 or 4 packs. The vessels themselves are crafted from carved and polished 100% natural pink Himalayan rock salt. Because they're materials made by Mother Nature, they each have unique variations on coloring. They are lined up on a handsome, solid Acacia wood stand, though the vessels still stand well and with stability on their own.

So, how do drinks taste in salt shots?

It's no surprise that people wonder how a drinking vessel made entirely of salt would affect the flavor of their favorite tequila. Of course, the beverage is most commonly presented to bar patrons with a salt rim, or at least bartenders usually ask if you want it. Licking the outside edge, there's a clean, salt hit, but not burning. Mark Bitterman, in his definitive book, Salted, describes pink Himalayan salt as tasting like Play-Doh or stainless steel. Would you believe me if I tell you that's a good thing? It is. Salt smooths the edges of a sharp tequila. I tried it with a sweeter tequila and it was the same type of flavor match as when you sprinkle a little salt on melon or eat prosciutto with cantaloupe.

How do you take care of salt shots?

It's so simple! Cleaning the vessels is even easier than no-wash cast iron pans. Salt is a natural antiseptic, so you don't use detergent . . . ever. Just rinse with water and dry with a cloth. Will they melt like the Wicked Witch of the West? No! The rock salt is solid, so it's said to last through "many a fiesta".


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