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How to make an ABC shot (Amaretto, Baileys, Cognac) recipe

Updated on October 17, 2012
ABC shooter ( Amaretto, Baileys and Cognac)
ABC shooter ( Amaretto, Baileys and Cognac)

The ABC shooter cocktail is a delicious shooter which contains Amaretto, Baileys and Cognac. This shooter has become real popular in the west of European countries between young people.

The taste is a bit of strong and creamed flavor. This article shows how to prepare it and display it properly to impress your friends or customers.


  1. Please take a shooter glass
  2. we'll begin with the A of ABC - Amaretto Simply serve in 15 milliliters or a dash. Utilizing the backside of a teaspoon, hold it towards the edge of the glass.
  3. We move onto the letter B for Baileys. Basically layer the baileys over the amaretto - a dash or 15 millilitres, just like with we poured the Amaretto
  4. And after that we move to the letter C for Cognac - popular suggestions choices are Remy Martin, however you may use any kind of cognac. Basically layer one last dash on top of the Baileys

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  • 1/3 oz (10 ml.) Amaretto almond liqueur
  • 1/3 oz (10 ml.) Baileys
  • 1/3 oz (10 ml.) Cognac

Video - How to make an ABC shooter


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    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 5 years ago from New Jersey

      That is one interesting looking drink. Looks yummy too!

    • facebookpokerguy profile image

      facebookpokerguy 5 years ago from Brussels, Belgium

      The taste is amazing, hope you try it

    • sethpowers profile image

      sethpowers 5 years ago from Virginia

      Looks cool, but I bet it tastes even better!