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Absinthe Facts and Fiction

Updated on October 2, 2009

1. Absinthe is not a drug. Absinthe will not make you hallucinate or high. Do not fall for the myths and legends of this drink. You will experience a rather different kind of feeling than normal beer or hard liquor. Your body will warm a bit and you will start to notice a feeling of enhanced clarity. This is after one glass. After two it is enhanced further. After that you will probably be drunk and pass out.

2. Absinthe will not make you go crazy. Nope, it will not rot your brain nor will it make you suicidal. All of these stories like this make me angry as it is untrue. Absinthe is a drink made with Alcohol and certain herbs. That's it.

3. Fire has no part in the absinthe ritual.  Lighting absinthe on fire is a modern marketing ploy used sell foul tasting “absinth.” Do not buy Czhec absinthe. It is the worst and is not in any way a real absinthe. They taste like window cleaner and are made only for the high alcohol content, usually died green. 

4. Real absinthe is not overly bitter.  Rather it is smooth, refreshing and tastes delicious. In some cases, almost like a dessert. But be careful! If you mix your 1 oz of absinthe with 3 oz of water it may have some alcohol bite to it. Add 4 oz of water and it will mellow out. At 5 oz it can taste pretty delicious with no traces of alcohol. 


5. Much of the (fake) absinthe made in the Czech Republic and Germany is not real absinthe and should be avoided. If it mentions a super high thujone content - don't buy it! It is nasty, vile and full of gimmicks.

6. The best and most delicious absinthe comes from France, Switzerland and Spain. There are many new brands arriving in the USA and can be bought online LEGALLY from websites such as I like Walton Waters and Lucid. Both great USA Absinthe products.

7. There was no valid scientific reason why Absinthe was banned in the USA! This is true as can be. NO reason whatsoever and it is ridiculous that it was banned.

8. You can not make absinthe from an extract kit or by merely soaking herbs in spirits. Do not waste your money as the result will be some dark green swill that will tase like vodka mixed with sewer water. Don't fall for the devilish claims of some kits.

9. Absinthe is not all about wormwood or thujone. Wormwood is just one of the principle ingredients. If it's thujone you're after, eat some sage. There is a higher concentration of thujone in some sage than in grand wormwood. With that said, I do feel some Absinthe products with 35mg of Thujone (not legal in USA) do give a slightly different effect that those without the Thujone. I have tried one brand with 35mg and the sensation was enhanced over the Lucid brand.

10. Absinthe is good for you! (Say What!?!) Absinthe contains many herbs that have long been renowned for their homeopathic qualities. So do not fear the green fairy my friends. It is just a drink, and a tasty one at that. The ritual of making it can be fun, exciting and relaxing. I suggest an absinthe glass, the spoon and the fountain.

11. Absinthe is delicious and best enjoyed, like all other alcoholic beverages, in moderation. It is very strong and if you drink too much you will pass out in a drunken stuper. REmember, this is HIGH PROOF alcohol!

After 7 years of wanting to try absinthe I finally did just recently and am starting to become a huge fan of the drink. I plan on buying an trying 10-15 bottles to find a favorite. I enjoy drinking absinthe in the evening, listening to music and to me, it is a much better drink than beer or hard liquor. Give some a try but remember to prepare it the correct way!


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    • profile image

      Patience 3 years ago

      Kick the tires and light the fires, problem oflfaicily solved!

    • profile image

      Rayshelon 3 years ago

      Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the buylsele!

    • profile image

      Victory 3 years ago

      Your article was exellecnt and erudite.

    • profile image

      Valery 7 years ago

      i really agree. im workin in the absinthe bar and we are havin just 2 of the real made absinth. None of them are czech but swiss and spain. terrible. im tryin to explain people to not drink fruko or even hills shit but its cheap and they wanted. real absinth is more expensive but delicious. im always hearin my customers sayin "wow its much better then the phosphorous cheap shit". they are totally right. so hope a lot of people will read about it and decide that the real absinthe is not chemically made or colored as most of those "absinthe" called shit.