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About How Many Carrot Varieties

Updated on January 8, 2016
Carrots of many colors
Carrots of many colors | Source

Carrot Varieties In Two Main Catagories

Carrots are classified by two basic categories. These are eastern carrots and western cultivars. There are also hybrid carrot varieties that have been genetically bred to enhance certain characteristics. The two basic types of carrots each originate from certain parts of the world.

Eastern carrots were thought to be originally domesticated in Central Asia. These carrot varieties tend to be yellow to purple in color and often have a more branchlike root structure. It is thought that eastern carrots go back as far as the 10th century or more.

Western carrots are thought to have evolved around the 17th century in the area of the Netherlands. These carrots are typically orange in color.

Carrot Capital of the World

That is what they call Holtsville California. Each year a huge festival is held in honor of this commonly used world wide root crop.

Carrots Catagorized by Root Shape

Western Carrots are most often classified by the shape of the root. There are 4 classifications for western carrots. These are Chantenay, Danver, Imperator and Nantes.

  • Chanteny carrots are shorter with great girth and most often used in canning.
  • Danver carrots are more conical shaped with a well defined shoulder and tapering. Danvers are often used to make baby food carrots.
  • Imperator carrots are the popular kind sold in most US supermarkets.
  • Nantes carrots are more cylindrical in shape being blunt and rounded at both ends. These are of the sweetest varieties.

Mapping Carrot History

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A markerCentral Asia -
Central Asia
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origin of domesticated eastern carrot

B markerThe Netherlands -
The Netherlands
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origin of domestic western carrot

C markerHoltville California -
Holtville, CA 92250, USA
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Hails itself as the "Carrot Capital of the World"

Take in the Carrot Festivities Proclaimed Carrot Capital of the World

How Many Carrot Varieties Are There?

This seems to be a tough question to answer other than to say there are a lot. New varieties of carrots are being scientifically developed on a regular basis. The list goes on and on and it depends on what part of the world we are counting. It is safe to say there are a bunch and that makes Bugs Bunny real happy now!


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    • ChristineVianello profile image

      ChristineVianello 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      Wow, I would of never thought that there are more then one color carrots. I just thought it was orange...hmmm

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      C.S.Alexis, I thought a carrot was a carrot. I didn't know there were a lot of different varieties. Great information.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Wow, I never knew. Thank you.

    • MikeSyrSutton profile image

      MikeSyrSutton 6 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Great hub and photos!

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 6 years ago from NW Indiana


      Funny thing I wrote this hub in answer to the question someone posted. i did some research and really never found out how many varieties of carrot there are. I did enjoy the research just the same. I thank you for taking your time to read my write and posting a comment.

    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 6 years ago

      Well now, I have certainly just witnessed "Carrots 101" and walked away with a new view! Well written and very interesting hub that is enlightening! I love your picture choices and video too! Voted up on this one!

    • profile image

      veronicanotes 6 years ago

      Great hub! Lots of info and love that first photo of the carrots!