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Pineapple - the Healthiest food

Updated on August 7, 2014
The pineapple plant
The pineapple plant

Optimum conditions

Pineapple is cultivated in areas where good rainfall is obtained. Also the temperature should be moderate. The optimum temperature is 16 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. Hawai is the main country that produce pineapple. More than 50% of the world pineapple production is by Hawai. The climatic condition of Hawaian islands are most suitable for the cultivation of pineapple. Brazil, Cuba, Mexico , South Africa, Malaya, Philippines , China etc are the other main pineapple producing countries.

It is believed that the origin of pineapple is the tropical region of South America. After Rubber , Pineapple and its products are the most popular item in international market . In ancient days itself South Americans used the fruit of pineapple plant as a food item , as medicine and to produce a special type of beverage. Due to its easy reproduction ability the cultivation of pineapple became more farmer friendly.

A pineapple story

Pineapple is a popular fruit all over the world. It is commonly seen in tropical countries. Pineapple belongs to the Bromilesi family and its scientific name is Ananas Comosus About 1300 items of this species are seen tropical regions of USA. They grow on trees in forests . Hence the root system is very ill developed. The rootlets of this roots had a relation with the fungus Michoraisia.

Today pineapple cultivation has become a part of agriculture in many countries. Pineapple farms may be seen separately or as crop in rubber estates or coconut plantations. As the plant does not need excessive care , the care given to plantation will itself yield good results. But in order to have production according to the market demand some artificial method of flowering may have to be adopted.

Pineapple can be used freshly as it is. It may be cooked and used. Also ripen pineapple will be fruity and juicy and can be used as a soft drink with some mixtures. Besides the fruit the leaf of the pineapple plant can be used for making mats. In countries like Philippines pineapple mats are common in use.

Pineapple flower

The beauty of pineapple flower
The beauty of pineapple flower

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The Fruit

The pineapple fruit is developed from a group of fertilized flowers. In about 7 months duration after flowering the plant the fruit get ripe. We can say that a pineapple is developed in the form of a cylinder. The head of the pineapple is thinner than the base and it bears a crown with a number of leaves arranged like a rosette When the fruit is ripened the carbohydrate stored in main axis is converted to Sugar. In any stage of fruit development carbohydrate is never formed.

The ripened pineapple has special colour and smell. The ingredient of pineapple are Citric acids , sugars , Bromiline and Vitamin A and vitamin C. The fruit gets yellow colour due to the presence of Karotene and Santhophil.

Mainly there are five types of pineapple. They are Kew giant , Mouritious, Red Spanish, Charlotte Rothschild and Cabazoni . The fruit ripens usually in summer season. But using gases like Ethylene , acetylene and some hormones the plant can be flowered in any season. The widely used hormone is Naphthalene Acetic Acid.

As told above the pineapple fruit bears a crown of its own. This crown can be detached from a ripen fruit and planted. It will grow into a new plant.Also new plants are emerged from the sides of the plant and the area where it is planted will become crowded.Usually once fruited there will not be further fruits on the same plant. So it is advised to remove the fruited plants after taking the fruits.

Healthiest food

One cup of pineapple juice has about 80 calories of energy. Vitamin C is the main content of pineapple juice. Manganese content also is very high in pineapples. That is why drinking a pineapple juice during hot summer season energise the person very effectively. Being a fruit from nature without any excessive fertiliser use , it is regarded as the one of the healthiest food in the world.

Pineapple product
Pineapple product

Products of Pineapple

Pineapple is mainly used as a fruit in my country. Since it helps for fast digestion it is a custom of Keralites to eat slices of pineapple after lunch. It is also used to prepare an excellent quality juicy drink. Nowadays we can see salty pineapple as pickle on the roadsides. In preparation of biriyanis also ,it is a common practice to add some pieces of pineapple to the rice. Pineapple pudding and pineapple cake are new products from pineapple.

In Kerala we prepare feast with a lot of curries during the Onam festival. There may be 8 or 16 dishes in a single feast all made of vegetables. Fresh Pineapple is used to prepare one of the dishes.


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