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Ale-8-one (Kentucky's Original Soft Drink)

Updated on November 12, 2014
Cold Ale8 is perfect anytime!
Cold Ale8 is perfect anytime! | Source

What Does It Taste Like?

Ale8 is a "unique mix of ginger and fruit" that tastes like a ginger ale with a "kick" Aside from the hints of fruit flavor, the actual ingredients are a grand mystery, Ale8, for those of you who are wondering, has a decent amount of caffeine to put some pep in your step.

Although Ale8 is available in cans, to have the full experience it should come from the bottle. In Kentucky, the returnable long neck bottles are available which is the authentic way to drink. Second, the non-returnable bottles are a decent substitute. the cans are good if ice cold and served over ice. Also, when mixing a drink, the cans or the 20oz plastic bottles are a cost effective substitute to the glass..

Diet Ale8 and Caffeine Free Ale8 are also available!


Clark County Swamp Water.
Clark County Swamp Water. | Source
G. L. Wainscott
G. L. Wainscott


The formula for Ale-8-One was developed by soda bottler G. L. Wainscott in the 1920s.[1] According to text on the back of some Ale-8 bottles, "Wainscott was an eccentric old man; however, there was nothing odd about his creation." Wainscott, who had been in the soda business in Winchester, Kentucky since 1902, had developed Roxa-Kola, his previous flagship product, in 1906.[1] In creating the formula for Ale-8-One, Wainscott drew upon his knowledge of ginger-based recipes acquired during extensive travels in northern Europe.

Wainscott began bottling his new creation in 1926. To choose a name for the drink, he sponsored one of the first name-the-product contests in the United States; "A Late One" was chosen as the winning entry.The "Ale-8-One" logo is a pun of the phrase suggesting that his product was "the latest thing" in soft drinks.

Kentucky loves Ale8-1 we hope the drink lives on for many years to come!

Ginger Ale With a "Kick"

We love Ginger Ale. We love caffeine. Ale8 brings these two loves together with a unigue and delicious taste that is great as a mixer, in place of ginger ale, or a stand alone pick me up.

Caffeine Content (Buzz Values)

Caffeine (mg) per 12oz
Mountain Dew
Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Ale8 and bourbon. The perfect cocktail!
Ale8 and bourbon. The perfect cocktail! | Source

A Perfect Mixer

Ale8 is a perfect replacement for all Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer mixed drinks. The caffeine will give you the extra "kick" take all of your cocktails to the next level!

Kentucky's Cocktail (Ale8 and Bourbon)

One of America's favorite cocktails is bourbon (or whiskey if you must) and ginger ale. The cocktail of Ale8 and Bourbon is the perfect anytime cocktail.

I have heard it called by many names, but my favorites are "The Hillbilly Highball" and The Squirrel" .

If you would like to get intricate, The Ale8 website furnishes some recipes at

My favorite of the bunch is as follows.

"Burley Temple"

1 1/2 ounces Kentucky Bourbon
4 ounces Ale-8-One
Maraschino Cherry

courtesy of Ale8 website

It Glorifies!
It Glorifies! | Source

The World's Greatest Soft Drink?

The world's greatest? Maybe we are going too far on that claim, but I whole heartedly adore this beverage and I implore all who have the opportunity to try it, to do so immediately.

On The Move (Video)

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