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All About Broiler Pans

Updated on July 11, 2016

A kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house as our daily food gets cooked there only. Therefore, it is imperative to keep it organized and store it with essential raw food material and utensils always.

In a kitchen, you need all kinds of appliances that make the art of cooking easy and less time to consume. Broiler pans are one such piece of equipment that is provided to you along with a gas or electric stove range. Usually, you will see these pans as a permanently fixed elements in the storage drawer just below the oven, and the basic utility is never realized. Unfortunately, even the most experienced cooks do not know the right ways of using a broiler pan sometimes. Often people fear of getting the food burnt or charred by using these containers; while these disposable broiler pans can be the best equipment to fry and bake meats. It is also used to cook other foods in oil. Especially when you are experimenting with broiling fish, meat, and veggies this method is extremely helpful. You can make your food in much faster, healthier, and efficient way.

Features of a broiler pan

If you have ever seen a cookie or baking sheet, you will understand how a broiler pan looks like it's very similar in shape and size. However, it has a grate on the top that lets off the drippings to get drained off underneath. You can say it to be an upside-down grill and alike disposable grill trays. The method is almost the same as grilling as in both ways you need high temperatures to cook, and the transition process is all the same – grilling to broiling. Some models of broiler pans do not have the grate.

The method is not complicated, and any novice can also use these grill pans, It is fairly simple to char your food using a broiler. However, to get the desired results you need to keep few points in mind:

Firstly, select the thin to most delicate slices or fish or meat as the thick ones get charred completely and that too very fast. The upper layers get burned while the inner layers remain raw, thus opt for thin pieces always. All meats don’t come well on broilers – you should cook the pork chops, steaks, fish cutlets and chicken cutlets on this equipment only. You should also know to position the grill rack correctly in the oven. The thinnest slice should be placed on the topmost part. The top frames should have the thin steaks and chicken, while the next lower rack can be used for chops, bone-in chicken, and steak.

Tips to use a broiler :

  1. To be very simple, the broilers or such disposable food trays have only two modes, namely on and off; it’s the intellect of the cook that how he/she adjust the "low" and "high" settings. Though instructions are always explicitly mentioned on the given manual of the product, but the understanding develops with tie and experience of the cook with the broiler pan.
  2. The gas ranges and stoves usually have the hotter broiler temperatures as in comparison to electric counterparts. Thus, when you are using a new broiler or doing it for the first time, read the recipes minutely and follow the temperatures as suggested. Do not try to experiment with it as you may end up cooking a disastrous dish.
  3. However, whatever the settings be you need to keep a close eye on the cooking and also before keeping the food on the broiler it is advisable to bring it to the room temperature initially. Once you are putting the broiler pan in the oven, preheat the broiler. It's important to preheat as it allows the oven to get ready for cooking by adjusting the pan to the desired temperature.

As most of the people consider broiler pans for cooking the food, it is important for them to look at the tutorial video of the product before using it. It is advisable to check the performance of the product they are planning to buy through the customer reviews provided over the net. You may also consider a product some of your acquaintance is using if they offer a positive feedback about it.


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