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All those Lactose intolerant problems

Updated on July 9, 2016
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Brandi has been a stay at home mom for eleven years. She has a love for Thriller and mystery books, and just finished "All the Lost Souls"

So you are going through life minding your own business when all of a sudden everything you eat is now making you horribly sick. Yep that's right half way through life your stomach decided to throw an obstacle in your way. It's like it just gave up digesting certain items to make life harder. The good thing is we now live in a wonderful age where there are ways to get around this little problem. Are they fun? Well most of the time no but you will probably become a better baker and cook because you really have to work around things. Also don't be surprised if you make little mistakes because frankly you just didn't think that that one item you just ate had lactose in it.

Ok here is where I tell you that it's not as bad as you think. Mainly because now the wonderful people at Amazon sell a wonderful little product that takes the lactase out of your milk or other dairy items like cream cheese and sour cream. Look for Lactase drops on amazon. They are a bit on the expensive side and cost almost 20.00 for a little bottle of the stuff but it last for a good couple of months and allows you to be able to buy regular milk and just take the lactase out of it by doing a dropper full and waiting 24 hours before drinking it. Compared to the price of Lataid milk I feel like we are saving money by doing it ourselves. Plus you can do it to other items like I mentioned above. You know what this also means? You can make your own Ice Cream! Yep that's right home made ice cream that has what you want in it and can be nice and thick because you can actually use heavy whipping cream in it for that extra creamy consistency that you so desperately want in an ice cream.

Another thing that is out on the market now is Lactaid pills that you take right before you eat something that has lactose in it. The thing about these is that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Other times you may end up constipated...which is basically the opposite problem as before. So at this point you are stuck between an rock and a hard spot. Which is really sad when all you are trying to do is enjoy a little life with some sweets in it.

A few years ago Digestive Advantage started selling a probiotic that is aimed at people who are lactose intolerant. When you first start taking it you take two a day for the first two weeks and after that one a day. While taking these you can occasionally eat dairy without have to take a lactaid pill and it doesn't upset your stomach. By occasionally I mean you can eat cheese or dairy every couple of days. If you eat it every day you are just asking for trouble. Don't go overboard though because there is a fine line that you can easily cross. I learned my lesson when two scoops of ice cream didn't bother me at all I went ahead and ate two more....yep you guessed it. I ended up sick and in the bathroom all night long.

Another thing to learn about is types of cheeses. If you stick to the dark yellow cheeses and make sure they have been aged for a year they probably wont bother you. It has less that 1% of lactose in it at this point. Processed cheeses and white cheeses have a ton of milk in them and will be a problem unless you take something like a lactaid pill to help you to digest it. I can cook enchiladas with sharp cheddar that has been aged and it no longer bothers any of us due to the low lactase that is in the cheese. It really does take some trial to figure out what bothers you and what doesn't but knowing that the darker sharper cheddar's are edible and wont kill your stomach should be a huge help.

There is life after finding out you can't digest dairy. It sucks but you learn how to deal with it. Calm down, take a deep breath and learn how to cook all over again. If you are like me and really enjoy cooking with your dairy invest in some of the lactase drops from amazon and put them in your dairy from the store. You just need 24 hours for the drops to work and you can do all your regular baking and cooking you are use to. I am open to questions on this subject. If you need me I am here. I have spent 20 years learning what works and what doesn't. You can comment below or if you would rather talk in private e-mail me at


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