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An Exciting New Way to Order Food Online for Delivery

Updated on February 13, 2013
use bring me that dot com from your laptop or tablet
use bring me that dot com from your laptop or tablet | Source

Food lovers have a convenient new online resource to order food and drinks delivered right to their door. "“”" connects hungry people with hundreds restaurants that deliver to their region. Most of us probably already know of a local pizza spot or two that will bring items to your door, but you probably weren't aware of the variety of food options at your fingertips.

Online ordering allows hungry people to order food from a restaurant without having to make a phone call. The current generation of on-the-run adults favor the internet and it's access from smart phones and tablets, a perfect way to present food choices. 95% Consumers who have used online ordering report satisfaction and a whopping 80% saying it provided a superior experience to phone ordering.

Restaurants have responded to this demand by the thousands. Even chains that previously had not offered delivery are now testing the option. In most cities you can get burgers, wings, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian and just about any cuisine dropped off at your doorstep. Even major fast food chains such as Subway, Burger King and Wendy's are all in various phases of testing food delivery.

The predicament for consumers is how to know just who delivers in your neighborhood and that's where "“”" comes in. This handy website consolidates all meal delivery services in your area the same way Expedia or Kayak assemble flights and hotels. A hungry web surfer need do no more than to visit the website and search in their city, zip code or region. Ordering on line also provides more accuracy than phone calls. The most popular categories for online ordering are as follows: Pizza/Italian 42%, Asian 9%; Sandwich 21%; Bakery/Cafe 19%; Mexican 10%

The Bring Me That concept allows users to see multiple restaurants that deliver at one time.
The Bring Me That concept allows users to see multiple restaurants that deliver at one time. | Source

multiple restaurants that deliver.... at your fingertips

The service is perfect for office managers that need lunch brought in for a meeting. The system is also handy because it allows anyone interested to view the menu online and place their order without wasting phone time for the office manager or restaurant personnel.

Internet technology connects the “” website with the local restaurant's cash register system and the order is placed as if you were standing in the restaurant. Menus and complete order details are provided online and once the order is placed the production begins and the restaurant delivers in the agreed upon time. Customers get an email confirming their order has been placed and all delivery fees and menu prices are listed up front. Deliveries are managed by the restaurant you order from just as they've always been.

“” now has over 1500+ eateries, that deliver, on their site and ready for ordering. Click on to “” and see over 90 restaurants in a city such as Cleveland that deliver. Chose from options such as The China Chef, on Puritas Rd., The Flaming Ice Cube on Public Square or Valentino's on Murray Hill. The choices are endless and the convenience of delivery to your office or home is priceless.

There are benefits to the restaurants as well. Online ordering delivers overall increased average orders, increased order totals and allows the restaurant to capture statistical data on these orders to use in menu planning and overall restaurant management. Restaurants can run special promotions features on the BringMeThat website that let them feature products and pricing to entice orders to come their way.

Restaurant owners who deliver can join the “” listing for no cost and customers can submit a local restaurant that delivers to the website. The restaurant industry sells over 1.5 billion dollars worth of food every day and delivery services are destined to become a larger and larger percentage of that business. “” is just another way to maximize the use of online connections to make life easier and more convenient.

(data source: Food Action Group, National Restaurant Association) (Material complied by General Marketing Service)


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