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Angry Birds Cakes

Updated on March 4, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Cake & Cupcake Ideas

This page will provide you with lots of ideas to create your own Angry Birds Birthday Cake. Search through a variety of cake designs and learn how to make your own Angry Birds Birthday Cake.

Angry Birds Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

Angry Birds has become very popular among children, teens and adults. These quirky little characters have a big following, and now there is a demand for Angry Birds Cakes. You can always order an Angry Birds Cake from a professional cake decorator, but making one at home can be a lot of fun especially if you involve the kids.

Surprisingly making an Angry Birds cake is not difficult at all, the Angry Birds have very simple lines and shapes so it is not difficult for any amateur to try to make one and make a decent looking cake. It is also much more satisfying to make your own creation even if you have a couple of wonky bits, :)

Why not try and create your own style of Angry Birds Cake, here are some cake ideas to inspire you to create your own cakes!

Stunning Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds Cake
Angry Birds Cake | Source

Angry Birds Cake Shapes

The Different ways to make an Angry Birds Cake

An Angry Birds Cake is very simple to make, there are plenty of ideas for you to consider before deciding on which method you want to use in decorating your cake. Some ideas on making an Angry Birds Cake are:

  • Bake a round Cake, then make one large face of an angry bird or one of the pigs. The Pigs are probably the easiest as they have a circular nose, for the birds you could create a cone shaped beak sticking out of the top!
  • Create an angry birds building on a square cake, using caramel wafers you can build up the blocks, then make the birds out of fondant or cake pops, place them around the building and put fondant pigs on the buildings.
  • Create Angry Birds Cake Pops, they are very fashionable and are perfect for cake pops as the birds and pigs are nice and round!


Angry Birds Birthday Cupcake Ideas

Angry Birds Cup Cakes are also very easy to make, once you have baked your cupcakes the decorating can be done easily and also is lots of fun!

You can:

  • Cover the cake with frosting and add in some angry birds themed cupcake toppers
  • Use marshmallow fondant or fondant to cover your cakes and make angry bird and pig faces.
  • You can also purchase some delicious edible Angry Bird themed toppers (also much easier!)

Angry Birds Kids Birthday Cake


The Different types of Cake Coverings you can use

To Decorate an angry Birds Cake you can use quite a few different types of coverings:

  • Frosting can be very sticky, but it is also very versatile to work with, its great for piping and ideal for using on cupcakes and if you want to pipe a face of an angry bird or pig onto a large cake.
  • Fondant is great to mold with your hands, it looks very professional when used properly and gives lovely clean lines to your cake.
  • Marshmallow Fondant is also a great way to cover cakes, its as versatile as Fondant its just made of marshmallow, this is a great option for kids who love marshmallows.
  • Sugar paste is also an option, the finished effect is as good as fondant, its a matter of personal choice
  • Cake Pops use melted candy coating which does give a fabulous sheen on the balls, but you can use fondant, chocolate and even melted candy!

Angry Birds Cake Toppers by Janelle Weeden at The Flour Shop

What will you use to make an Angry Birds Cake?

Which type of Cake covering will you use for an Angry Birds Cake?

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    • genuineaid profile image

      Vlad 5 years ago from USA

      These Angry Birds cakes look funny and interesting... Love playing angry birds when I have time :)

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 6 years ago from California

      These are pretty cute!