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Apple Hill Wine tasting at Wofford Acres Vineyards

Updated on December 14, 2012

The view at Wofford acres

Orange flame tree
Orange flame tree | Source

Wofford Acres Vineyards-Apple Hill area

I am so happy you are joining me on this day trip through Apple Hill, near Placerville, Ca. This is a tour that is covering the whole Apple Hill area, but divided into several Hubs to be able to better describe each farm and/or winery we visited. We have already been to High Hill Ranch and eaten Apple Strudel, apple donuts and, oh I almost forgot. We also tried the Chili in a bread bowl and it was delicious with capitol D! Then we traveled on to Madrona Winery on High Hill Rd to taste their wines and take in the spectacular autumn scenery. You might want to click on those hubs first to catch up!

We left Vacaville, Ca. this morning and the sun was already shinning and it wasn't hot but warm. As we arrived in the Apple Hill area it was a bit cooler and thankfully we brought along warm jackets. After leaving the beautiful area of Madrona Winery we began searching for Wofford Acres Vineyards. We watched for the signs pretty closely as we had been there many years ago and recalled that it is a bit hidden from view. As you leave a main road you begin to wind through the country, past several beautiful homes and of course, apple orchards and vineyards. Then finally, one more turn and you see the view stretching out in front of you-magnificent!

From the parking area you have to climb a tiny bit of a hill to reach the tasting room, but the greeting you receive from the tasting room is worth the climb! These folks are very welcoming and friendly. They share information about their winery and wines. They have a good selection of various varieties:

South Fork Cider (Hard Apple Cider) $15.00
2009 White Oak Point (Sauvignon Blanc) $16.00
2009 Dulcinea (Viognier/ Roussanne) $25.00
2010 Milino de Viento (Estate dry Syrah Rosé)
2009 Redbird Canyon (Pinotage/ Petite Sirah) $16.00
2008 Zinfandel $30.00
2010 LaMancha (Estate Nebbiolo/ Petite Sirah) $35.00
2008 Syrah (Estate) $30.00

Most of their wines seemed quite dry and we tend to choose sweeter wines, however, I am sure you will delight in tasting and judging for yourself.

When we left Wofford Acres we had planned to stop at a few more farms, however, as we began to drive, something white started popping around on the hood of our car. Something we seldom see down in the valley where we live--hail or sleet-whatever you want to call it, it was white and sticking to the ground quickly turning everything as white as snow! I am terribly afraid of riding in ice and snow so I began begging Gary to not stop, just get us home. Of course, he had to stop so Kristen could get out and have her picture taken in the white stuff!

No business like Snow business!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Kristen, Trying to catch the white stuff in her handsHail on the roadWhite like snow-so fast it covered the road!Looks like snow
Kristen, Trying to catch the white stuff in her hands
Kristen, Trying to catch the white stuff in her hands
Hail on the road
Hail on the road
White like snow-so fast it covered the road!
White like snow-so fast it covered the road!
Looks like snow
Looks like snow | Source

Wofford Acres Vineyards

4 stars for wines at Wofford Acres
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Oenophilia Minuet Wine Rack - 7 Bottle

Wine rack. You really need this for yourself!



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