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Australian Masterchef conquered New York 2011

Updated on June 5, 2012
The last eight contestants competing in New York
The last eight contestants competing in New York

MasterChef contestants competing in New York

If you have ever watched MasterChef, then you would be thrilled with the challenges the last eight contestants had to face. The Australian MasterChef Contestants were jetted to New York to face more culinary challenges and experience inspiration for a dish. On the first day of their challenges, the amateur chefs travelled to the International Culinary Center where they have 90 minutes to execute them.

Each day one of the contestants will be eliminated or face the elimination challenge. After spending a week in New York, each challenges becomes difficult . The second day of the challenges, the contestants travelled to the UN to cook for international dignitaries. The dish that had an overwhelming vote, will then compete for the immunity pin against a world known Chef.

One of the contestants named Ellie, cooked for the Immunity Pin Challenge against the spectacular backdrop of Central Park. Stepping up to the hot plate to try and spoil their fun was guest chef Cesare Casella, while chef, author and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich guest judges the results. With a surprising result, Ellie won the Immunity Pin Challenge.

A Super Challenge was given, as the contestants arrived in Times Square to see the giant screens featuring familiar faces (the Judges). For this Challenge they’ll need to use their powers of persuasion by talking their way into a NY restaurant, convincing a head chef from a top Restuarant to donate them a recipe, and then cooking the dishes in question at the Four Seasons Restaurant. David Chang returns to guest judge. Once they cooked the dishes given by the head chefs, it was then judged by the same head chefs who donated their receipes.

The contestants facing an Elimination Challenge will cook at the famous Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem, with Matt Preston and Matt Moran deciding their fate.

I have to say, New York has the most amazing culinary delights witnessed by millions of Australians. However, Australia is just as good.

Australian Masterchef in New York

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