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Country Cooking at Cracker Barrel Restaurant

Updated on March 26, 2012
A plate of Cracker Barrel chicken with their delicious gravy, mashed potatoes, mac n' cheese and apple slices.
A plate of Cracker Barrel chicken with their delicious gravy, mashed potatoes, mac n' cheese and apple slices. | Source

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Let’s just start off by saying that I tend to be a little picky, and one area particular, is food. Whether it is Chinese, American, Italian, or Mexican, I have my own personal preferences and any less than the best will just not suffice. A good restaurant is not only determined by the quality of the food but also the friendliness and efficiency of the wait staff, cleanliness, and price.

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of most chain restaurants and yes this includes the infamous Olive Garden. I know many people who claim that this food is the best thing and that they share moments in heaven when they indulge in the unlimited amounts of shriveled up salad and salty breadsticks that can be purchased in bulk from stores such as Sam’s Club. If you are an avid Olive Garden fan, well, that's great and we can still be friends. But just a heads up - don't count on me attending your next OG luncheon as I generally steer clear from chain restaurants.

OK - I may have to make an exception.


I have found a restaurant that serves up the most delicious home cooked meals, and the name is Cracker Barrel. As you approach the restaurant door from the outside, you are welcomed by a line-up of beautiful rocking chairs where you can sit and take a load off, after you’ve overindulged on the deliciousness of your meals! Furthermore, every Cracker Barrel location has a quaint shop attached which sells cute gadgets and gifts, small foods like jars of their delicious apple sauce, or some of their homeade pancake mixes. Like the restaurant itself, the items in the shop are not priced too high but just about right considering their intent is to profit and that for convenience purposes it's quite ideal when needing to pick up a quick item upon leaving.


Although Cracker Barrel has breakfast too, I’ve yet to try it, not that I don’t like eggs and bacon in the evening because I certainly do, but I just am addicted to the usual meals we’ve been crazy in love with the past several times we’ve dined there. Now I know you are dying to know what the treasures are we’ve been ordering so here it is. My dining companion will order up the chicken tenderloins entrée which are simply amazing. I’m a chicken tenderloin connoisseur as of late and recently I’ve had some of the not so greatest ones. I guess I would call them metiocre chicken tenders. Cracker Barrel's however are delicious, crispy and have 100% real meat, totally unlike any fast food or chain-restaurant chicken even though, yes, CB is infact titled a chain restaurant as they have locations all over.


This entrée (and for the most part, all entrees) comes with not one or two, but THREE sides. We generally get the sweetened baby carrots which are DELICIOUS, and so soft for my gentle little teeth, mashed potatoes and gravy, and apple sauce or perhaps green beans. There are about 10 different choices of sides available.

An outside view of a Cracker Barrel restaurant.
An outside view of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. | Source
These pancakes look so good... I think I will be ordering them on my next visit to Cracker Barrel.
These pancakes look so good... I think I will be ordering them on my next visit to Cracker Barrel. | Source


On a recent visit to Cracker Barrel, I was strictly in the mood for macaroni and cheese but wasn’t feeling extremely ravenous. Upon talking to the waiter, he offered I order off the kids menu as there are no age restrictions and the portion size is decent. Well, I'd have to say that the kids who order off this menu must be hearty little eaters!

So I order this child’s size Mac n’ cheese and I get a delicious raspberry lemonade because it is included in my $4 dollar entrée.

My dining companion and I share all of the above, as well as a warm bundle of homemade biscuits and cornbread, complementary of course.

At the end of this meal I feel stuffed to my gills, but at the urging of, well who other than my dining companion, the topic of dessert is discussed.


I believe chocolate cake or other yummy sounding sweets are offered too, but all we’ve devoured for dessert is this apple dumpling treat which honestly doesn’t sound that great and upon receiving it I was a bit in question on what to expect.

Well, what arrived at our table was enormous for two people and could easily serve four people. The top is layered with apple dumpling which is the pastry part and is very light and flaky. Underneath this is the apple portion which includes sliced apple sections baked and sugared to perfection. The third layer down is my favorite. This is where the sweetest ingredients lie in the sugary nuts and residue from all the other flavors gathered in the corners. Mmm it is so good and the perfect end to a delightful home-cooked meal.


We are never left waiting for more than a minute or two at our table waiting to be acknowledged. The friendly, efficient wait staff make our time at Cracker Barrel even more delightful. They know the menu inside and out and are great for providing suggestions on new options to try.


As mentioned prior, the main entrée with the three sides was about $12 dollars and the Mac n’ cheese was about $4. Of course only one regular size drink was included as it came with the child size meal and thus you may want to order another drink(s) for additonal guests. But under $20 bucks for dinner for two can rarely be beat.


Although Cracker Barrel restaurants are located throughout the United States, they are not yet located in every U.S. state. Many states have multiple Cracker Barrel locations while some states have zero. If you happen to live near one and haven’t checked it out or maybe you are traveling through an area that has a CB restaurant, check it out. There’s something about home-cooked food that warms the heart and soul and provides a comforting feeling. Your taste buds will love it.

In a rush? Try picking up an order and don’t worry about being skimped on food. If anything, they will make sure you leave with even more food then you would have received dining in. They are fantastic when it comes to supplying extra biscuits and P.S. they reheat nicely too.

Hub #18 in the hub challenge.
Hub #18 in the hub challenge.


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    • emilybee profile image

      emilybee 7 years ago

      Mmm it certainly is delicious Eiddwen, thanks for stopping by.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 7 years ago from Wales

      Mmm looks delicious,another to bookmark.

      Take care


    • emilybee profile image

      emilybee 7 years ago

      Yes the country-feel draws me in too! Yummy yummy food. Thanks Nan Mynatt.

      I know - affordable and oh so filling! Thanks dwoodward.

      Yeah, some states have as many as 50 Cracker Barrel's in them! And to each his own. Thanks Cogerson.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 7 years ago from Virginia

      Cracker Barrel is awesome, years ago they were hard to find around my we have 5 Cracker Barrel places within 25 miles of my house...including one 3/4 of a mile is good.....Olive Garden still has a great salad and breadstick meal.....thanks for posting....

    • dwoodward profile image

      dwoodward 7 years ago

      I love their home cooked food! it's very filling and very affordable. Nothing beats home cooked meal! Awesome Hub!

    • profile image

      Nan Mynatt 7 years ago

      I like their atmospshere being country like, and old fashion. The food is good too!