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Backcountry fajitas. Delicous for a hiking or canoe trip.

Updated on July 8, 2007

Backcountry fajitas. A delicious--no pan required--start to a canoe or hiking trip

These would also work great for car camping, but when you've got the van loaded up with a mammoth cooler, and your 4 burner Coleman stove is at the ready, you can basically cook anything. Going light weight, and cross country always presents more challenges, and although pretty much anything will taste great after a hard day's paddling, outback camping food is not known for its gourmet appeal.

This recipe will really only work for your first night out, but then again, you'd probably get a bit fed up carrying onions and sweet peppers for much longer than a day anyway. You will need a campsite with some sort of grill set up to really do this well, but most interior sites will offer this; so you should be set and ready to go when you arrive at the site. If it by chance isn't there, just make your own trusty boyscout style wood grill...and when that doesn't work, have steak tartare!

All you need for these is one good sized flank steak--frozen solid--one onion (and if you're smart, you've pre sliced it in a zip lock bag, holding the slices together with toothpicks, so they won’t later fall through the grill), 3 or 4 sweet peppers and one package of tortillas.

Marinate the beef with a bit of soy sauce, red wine vinegar and olive oil, and place in a zip lock bag to freeze solid. If it's rock hard frozen, it will keep nicely wrapped in a bit of newspaper until you arrive at the campsite. It will be well defrosted by this point, but not prompt any unsettling thoughts of backcountry diarrhea.

When you're ready to prepare the fajitas, get a good raring fire going, and let it die down to coals. About 20 minutes before the coals look ready for a steak, put the peppers on the grill, and let them blacken all over. Take off the heat, and transfer the steak onto the grill. Cook the onions beside the steak. Hopefully you've got steakhouse quality heat coming off those coals, and your steak should be medium rare done in about 7 minutes. Let rest off of the heat, and while waiting for the steak to cool, scrape off the blackened skins of the peppers, and use your jackknife to slice the peppers. Saw the meat into slices, and immediately fall upon your feast, wrapping it all in tortillas and devouring it noisily, as is mandated by the etiquette standards of the backcountry.

This is an easy meal, and is a welcome change from standard camping fare. Enjoy

Bears like fajitas too. Don't eat these in your sleeping bag.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      there is nothing at all backcountry about being able to keep steak on you and using a grill

    • MommyP profile image


      8 years ago from North Dakota

      Sounds great! It might be a little heavy, but great after the first day of hiking/kayaking.

    • outdoorjunkie profile image


      10 years ago from California

      Fajitas out in the bush excellent... it beats eating glop (instant oatmeal) for every meal.


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