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Bacon-Blue Burger

Updated on June 19, 2013

Bacon Blue Burger on Asiago Sandwich Bread - Simple and Amazing

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Amazing flavor in a burger at home!

This burger is absolutely the best burger we have ever made in our house. My husband and I have been grilling forever, it seems, and I have never had a burger with more flavor at home. My husband's friend at work, Ed, told us how to make these burgers and it was love at first taste. We both fell head over heels for Ed's bacon-blue burger. Let me also qualify the fact that my husband does not like blue cheese. I never thought he would enjoy this burger, but it is his favorite burger to make now. The taste just cannot be beat. The burger is simply seasoned with only salt and pepper, the rest of the flavor comes from the combination of the bacon and blue cheese.

First, you must chop the bacon up into a fine mush. We use 3 slices of bacon per burger, but it can be done with two slices each. I would not, however, go less than two slices per burger or you will surely lose flavor. Form the chopped bacon into six thin patties. Place these on a greased aluminum foil lined cookie sheet. We have our grill heating while we are making the burgers with all three burners set at medium heat. On top of the bacon press crumbled blue cheese. Form your six burger patties out of ground chuck. Place a patty on top of each bacon-blue cheese patty and lightly press them together to form a seal around the blue cheese. Lightly salt the bottom of the burger patty, it is upside down right now.

When the grill is heated to about 350°, place the cookie sheet with the burgers onto it. Let the burgers cook until the bacon patties are browned and lightly crisped. This will take about 5-7 minutes on the bacon side. Flip the burgers over so the ground chuck patty is down on the bottom directly on the grill. Cook about another 5- 7 minutes. The bacon flavor drips down thru the blue cheese and then into the burger, seasoning it perfectly. Once the burger is cooked to your taste, remove the burgers from the heat and let them cool, or rest, a little before digging in. This will help keep them extremely juicy. These burgers are so good we eat them with only A1 Steak Sauce. Sometimes I don't even use a bun. They stand alone wonderfully. The last time that we made these we used Asiago bread and it was a fantastic pairing with the burgers.

I hope that other people enjoy these burgers as much as we do. We have served them to our neighbors and they have absolutely fallen in love with them, too. You must try them, even if you think you don't like blue cheese. Give them one chance. I know I will always have blue cheese in my house because of these burgers. That makes me extremely happy because I love blue cheese, now that my husband loves these burgers, I'll always have it around!

Simple Ingredients
Simple Ingredients | Source
Burger patties on top of cheese and bacon patties
Burger patties on top of cheese and bacon patties | Source
Cooking bacon side down first on pan
Cooking bacon side down first on pan | Source
Finish cooking off the pan, ground chuck patty side down
Finish cooking off the pan, ground chuck patty side down | Source

Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 15 min
Ready in: 35 min
Yields: 6 burgers


  • 1 1/2 - 2 lbs Ground Chuck
  • 18 slices Bacon, 3 slices per burger,chopped
  • 6-8 oz Blue Cheese, crumbled
  • Pinch Salt & Pepper, lightly season bottom side of burger
  1. Chop 18 slices of bacon into a fine mush
  2. Form the bacon into patties and place on a greased, lined cookie sheet
  3. Press blue cheese into each bacon patty
  4. Form 1 1/2 to 2 pounds ground chuck into six patties, depending on your taste in burger size
  5. Press burger patties on top of the blue cheese-bacon patties, forming a light seal to make one burger, lightly salt and pepper patty
  6. Place cookie sheet on medium heated grill, cook 5-7 minutes or until bacon is browned
  7. Flip burger patties directly onto grill and cook another 5-7 minutes
  8. Let burgers rest to retain juiciness, get some A1 and enjoy!


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  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 3 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    It is a favorite combination in my house! Thank you for checking out my burger Hub, I think if you like blue cheese, you will love them!

  • suziecat7 profile image

    suziecat7 3 years ago from Asheville, NC

    This looks delicious - I love the idea of bacon and blue cheese as a combo - thanks.

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 5 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    I hope that if you try it, you like it as much as me and my husband do!

  • toknowinfo profile image

    toknowinfo 5 years ago

    Sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 5 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    This is really the best burger we have ever made at home, hope you try it and love the simplicity, too!

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

    Oh my, oh my, what a great photo on this tasty burger. I love the combinations in this recipe and served on asiago bread!

  • amberld profile image

    Amber Dahnke 5 years ago from New Glarus, WI

    You will fall in love as soon as you taste it!

  • profile image

    Marla 5 years ago

    Can't wait to try one of these!