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Baker's Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Soup

Updated on August 3, 2011

What? Your not from maryland situated on the northeast coast of the
united states, then your missing out on some delicious seafood dishes.
By far one of my favorites is the Maryland crab soup, a dish
concocted from the crabbers themselves from leftover crab meat that
had been left in the freezer over the winter. This delicious soup is
made from a surplus of vegetables from corn to carrots that have been
dumped in pound after pound in a huge pot and cooked for hours before
adding the sweet, jumbo lump crabmeat that gives the soup it's name.
Here is a recipe for this variation of the original, one I'm sure you
will enjoy for years to come.

Stock Ingredients:
(Serves 20)

10 baby carrots chopped
5 onions quartered
2 potatoes halved
10 gallons of water
2 bunches of parsley stem on
1 bunch of cilantro stem on
1 whole celery unit
10 oz dry Riesling
1 lb. Vegetable base
1 lb. Crab base
1 lb. Tomato paste

Preparation for stock:

1). In large pot, place all ingredients in and let slow cook on low
heat for 16 hours until all flavors have been incorporated and
reduction has been completed.

2). After reduction, sift all food from the stock water, and place pot
on medium heat.

Soup Ingredients:

30 ears of corn stripped
30 baby carrots diced
15 potatoes diced
3 lb. Jumbo lump crab meat
1 lb. Crab claw
10 zucchini diced
3 lb. Peas
3 lb. Fresh green beans whole
5 onions diced
15 oz old bay seasoning
6 oz salt
2 oz cayenne pepper
4 oz honey
1/2 lb. Tomato paste
2 limes squeezed

--Soup Instructions--

1). Place all ingredients excluding the crabmeat and potatoes into the
pot and let cook for additional hour, stirring occasionally.

2). After the hour has passed, place potatoes into dish and let cook
for 15 additional minutes, then place crab meat in and remove from

3). Let sit for 20 minutes until the crab and potatoes have softened,
serve with a smile.


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