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Banana Cue or Banana Que Recipe: Filipino Fried Caramelized Banana

Updated on September 28, 2012
Banana Cue or Banana Que
Banana Cue or Banana Que | Source
Saba for Banana Cue
Saba for Banana Cue | Source

Deep fry your own banana cue or banana que – the Philippines’ well-liked street food – right in your own home with this quick and easy recipe.

Banana cue is actually made mainly of cardava banana or saba in the Filipino language, a kind of tropical banana that grows in large amounts in the Philippines and many tropical Asian countries.

For a banana, cardava banana is medium in length but a little large in width.

It comes in relatively thick coating, excellent for transporting this fruit across the islands of the Philippines and even overseas.

Filipinos love banana cue because it is such a quick, timeless, and affordable sweet treat.

Bananas are always in season in the Philippines and are easy to grow.

Thus, they are reasonably priced and trouble-free to source.

Also, bananas are effortless to cook.

You do not need to be a seasoned chef to make bananas taste sweet and yummy.

Because bananas are not complicated to prepare into a snack, Filipinos make banana cue every day, usually in the afternoons when people want to grab a mid-day snack or merienda.

People can buy banana cue and eat it while walking, standing or even sitting.

This is because it is skewered and does not require any sauces.

Brown sugar coats the saba rather well and even forms into sweet crunchy clusters.

Now below is a quick and easy recipe for making banana cue or banana que, the Philippines’ skewered banana street food.

Recipe for Banana Cue or Banana Que

Ingredients for Banana Cue or Banana Que

  • brown sugar – 1 cup
  • cardava banana or saba – 10 pieces; peeled
  • cooking oil – ½ cup
  • skewer – 5 pieces; thin; ones made from bamboo are preferred

Steps in Making Banana Cue or Banana Que

  1. In a pan set over high heat, pour in cooking oil.
  2. Allow cooking oil to heat up.
  3. While waiting for the oil to heat up, place brown sugar in a bowl.
  4. Thoroughly coat saba with brown sugar in the mixing bowl.
  5. Place the saba in the pan.
  6. Deep fry saba for about five minutes. During this time, the brown sugar should also caramelize.
  7. While frying, you can add more brown sugar to the saba as needed.
  8. When cooked, place the saba in a strainer, allowing the excess oil to drip.
  9. Skewer the bananas, with two pieces in each stick.

Enjoy your homemade Philippine banana cue!

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Banana Cue or Banana Que Recipe

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    • asmaiftikhar profile image

      asmaiftikhar 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks dear for another delicious recipe.

    • rex michaels profile image

      rex michaels 6 years ago

      I am ready to tackle this one. Thanks for sharing