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Barbecue Chicken Recipe

Updated on August 30, 2009
This is really great barbecue chicken. Post your comments below.
This is really great barbecue chicken. Post your comments below.

Barbecue Chicken Recipe

This is a delicious quick and easy barbecue chicken recipe that anyone can make and enjoy. Just follow the recipe and you'll soon be eating delicious barbecue chicken.

For Your Recipe You Will Need.

1. 2 15 Oz Cans Hickory Del Monte  Sloppy Joe Sauce.Set aside 1/3 Cup to serve with chicken.

2. 1/4 Cup Fresh Lime Juice.

3. Chicken Legs And Thighs. ( About 6 of each )

To start place your chicken in a gallon plastic bag and pour all the Sloppy Joe Sauce and 1/4 Cup of lime juice over the chicken. Seal up the bag and shake well. Place the bag in the refrigerator overnight.

You will want your charcoal or gas grill to be at medium heat and then grill your chicken until done. Of course after removing it from the bag. Check your thickest piece of chicken by cutting into it before removing from the grill.

Try serving your barbecue chicken with a marinated corn and pepper salad.

Recipe for Marinated Corn And Pepper Salad.

1. 1 11 ounce can whole kernel corn.

2. 1 Tablespoon each of diced red , green and yellow bell pepper.

3. 2 Tablespoons Green Onions including tops diced.

4. Oil and Vinegar Dressing.

Toss 1-3 in a mixing bowl with a generous sprinkling of oil and vinegar dressing. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. 

Garlic Bread is delicious served with this meal. Cook eat and enjoy this great quick and easy chicken meal.

Please post your comments below now.
Please post your comments below now.

Please post your comments, tips , and suggestions below now.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Your very welcome.Give it a try to let me know how it turns out.

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      another good recipe thnaks