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Wood Gambrel Barn Kits for Garden Sheds, Many from Amish Country x

Updated on May 20, 2011

Made in the heart of Ohio's Amish country!

Barn Kits

Barn Kits are a great way to solve the problems when you need more space. Barn kits are often used as more then simple barns. A barn can be used to create additional space such as a garage, a workshop even an extension to an office area. A barn kit can make for a perfect solution for more then simply storing hay! (not that a barn kit isn't a great solution if you need to store hey of course).

The typical barn with a symmetrical two sided roof that slopes on either side, with different angle slopes create more headroom and maximises the space inside the barns. This style of barn can be found with barn kits, however if you prefer the normal sloping roof there are many options there as well.

In learning about barn kits I have been impressed both with the uses people find suit getting a barn kits plus a range that includes garden sheds such as Colonial garden sheds and Williamsburg sheds. Honestly I was not even sure what made a barn a "Gambrel Barn", turns out the barn I played in as a kid was a Gambrel Barn!

Wooden Barn Kits

Wooden barn kits look to be the best bet from the information and examples I have found. I think for me the biggest reason for preferring a wooden barn kit comes down to the qualities of wood as opposed to the metal alternative. A wooden barn is going to be a lot cooler then a barn made of metal, unless of course it is the middle of winter, then it is going to be freezing in there! A wooden barn is more likely to be able to keep a comfortable ambient temperature if you are likely to want to work in that space.

I have to say I am totally shocked that you can buy barn kits on amazon, I am even more surprised by the fact that many of these barn kits are made by the Amish. I wonder how exactly the business works! Considering the Amish don't typically have accounts with Amazon. I assume the company takes care of all the business stuff and has a good agreement with the Amish people, meaning they can maintain their lifestyle in peace without the worry about government taxes or whatever other reason they might have to need money.

These wooden barn kits do have one hitch, when yours arrives you will need 2 able bodies to help get the pallets off of the truck. The other thing to consider is if the floor is included, it may not be and you may not really need it. I personally will want a floor kit when I have moved into my dream home (I am pretty ambitious with my dream home!), I just love having outbuildings for different purposes, meaning the main house can be kept nice easier. 

Garden Shed Kits

Garden shed kits are a somewhat more expensive alternate to a barn kit. The look that garden shed kits have is visually speaking much nicer. I find these garden shed kits look like mini-homes, making them very appealing if one can be found to somewhat match an existing home. I probably in the end will not go for this fancy option but I can day dream, can't I?

The ease of build looks to be pretty much the same with the garden shed kits as it does with the barn kits. Basically the kits come with everything you need, full color instruction manual all the siding and trim you might need and all parts precut and ready to assemble. With the panelized wall sections the assembly time should go quickly and where necessary the panels come pre-fastened. If you find a barn kit or garden shed kit that takes your fancy be sure to check out the product description as the details are all there.

The only reason I can see for having trouble assembling this is going to be down to having to do it by myself. I simply do not think that I would be physically able to do it without an extra pair of hands (or two). I am confident that most people should find this style of do it yourself building do-able and not intimidating. 


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