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Batch artificial insemination ensures constant supply of goat milk.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Alpine stone sheep

Goat and sheep milk is highly nutritious. It is highly in demand and therefore good for business.
Goat and sheep milk is highly nutritious. It is highly in demand and therefore good for business. | Source


Goat milk is highly nutritious. Though goats give very small quantities of milk, its high nutritional value means that it is more expensive. Goat milk is in high demand especially from sickly people who require highly nutritious foodstuffs. In this regard milk goat farming is commercially viable.

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Artificially inseminate your does in batches

Instead of relying of bucks to mate your does, artificial insemination is more effective. You will be able to plan the growth of your flock. You inseminate a bunch of does at a given time. Caves will be separated from their mothers after a period of two weeks to allow for bottle feeding or later on, bucket feeding. This leaves the farmers with increased quantities of milk from the goats. Goat milk is very nutritious and therefore its demand is in most cases greater than its supply. Inseminating your does in batches ensures that you will always have lactating goats in your stays. This means that your goat milk supply will not dry out.

Artificial insemination is more predictable

Increasing stock through natural mating methods is slow and unplanned. The farmer is in no control of the exact period that their does get pregnant if they left the job sorely in the hands of bucks. The goats in this case cave at any time of the year meaning that there will be periods of plenty and lean periods. This is not good when you are a contracted goat milk supplier. You need to be relatively sure of how much milk you are able to supply to the market. With batch insemination method you are able to ensure that you will always be with lactating goats.

Batch artificial insemination is expensive but rewarding.

Artificially inseminating a batch of goats is quite expensive. However this has benefits of constant supply of milk. You will be able to control your breed so as to choose from high milk yielders like Alpine dairy goat. The high nutritional value of goat milk is popular with diabetes and HIV/Aids patients. It therefore requires the farmers to find all means of maintaining constant supply of this essential product. One way of ensuring this is correctly and adequately feeding your goats. Dairy goat keeping does not require spacious environments. This makes it easier to keep the pens dry and clean otherwise your goats would be prone to diseases like pneumonia. Constant deworming of your goats is also recommended.

Lucerne grass

Fodder farming ensures your goats are well fed.
Fodder farming ensures your goats are well fed. | Source

Constant fodder supply is essential

It is good to farm fodder for the purpose of feeding your milk goats. A variety of fodders types is advisable. When you mix various fodders the result is a wholesome dairy meal. Some of the popular fodders are napier grass, Rhodes, Lucerne and wheat. Some fodders like caliandra, mulberry, soya and maize are good supply for carbohydrates. Others like Lucerne and Rhodes can be dried under tree shades to make hay for use in dry seasons. Manure from the goat pens can be applied to the fodder as well as using fertilizers for healthier fodders. Any excess fodder harvested will find ready market from local farmers. A farmer is therefore able to earn from more sources increasing their income security in the process. Although goats produce low quantities of milk compared to dairy cows, goat milk is highly nutritious. It sells at a higher price and is more in demand than its cow equivalent. Thus, keeping milk goats on commercial basis is a viably profitable business.

Feathertop rhodes grass

Excess fodder ill easily find market from neighboring farmers.
Excess fodder ill easily find market from neighboring farmers. | Source

In conclusion

To meet the high demand of goat milk a farmer has to find ways of producing milk constantly throughout the year. This is only possible if your goats were to lactate in batches. The only way to achieve this is to artificially inseminate your does rather than rely on natural mating methods which would result in intermitted caving of the goats. Fodder farming ensures your goats are well fed as well as affording opportunities to sell excess fodder to neighbouring farmers in the process expanding your income basket.

Caliandra fodder

Caliadra is rich in carbohydrates which is beneficial to lactating goats.
Caliadra is rich in carbohydrates which is beneficial to lactating goats. | Source

Artificial insemination gun/straw gun for goat

Self-production of fodder

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Milk goats farming is viable worldwide.

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