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Sprouting Beans, Pulses, Grains and Seeds

Updated on October 9, 2011

Sprouting Beans, Pulses, Grains and Seeds

Sprouts from beans, pulses grains and seeds are super healthy for you. As healthy as they are on their own, the nutritional value they give increases by almost 30 - 60 percent when the sprout! That is significant and thus worth looking into. The goal here is germinating and sprouting the seeds or beans.

Easier on the digestive tract Sprouting also is helpful to people who usually have a hard time digesting your average beans, pulses, etc. This is much easier on your digestive system. It neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, which are naturally occurring in beans and seeds and legumes. This process begins the production of many beneficial enzymes. You body will thank you!

When I was growing up, I do recall people having salads or sandwiches and putting those thin stringy alfalfa sprouts on them to add nutrients and fiber. They were alright by me, and my Mother was especially happy that I would eat them as she was always wondering about our health.

As a gardener, I love to plant seeds of all kinds, and wait eagerly for the sprouts to come out of the ground and grow into a whole new big plant. To go to work to get a seed to sprout then eat it, makes me feel a tad bit guilty if you can imagine that! Still, I know that these are healthy, and abundant in nature, so no worries there. I can always take a few and try to grow them in the garden as well. Growing them the full cycle to be able to get more, sounds like a rewarding thing to do.

During the germination process, the levels of B vitamins rise about 30 percent above normal, and vitamins C to about 60 percent. They are so easy to grow using a few simple steps. Its sheer multiplication too, you get so much more than you started with.

Washing your beans or grains First you want to wash whichever beans, pulses or grains you are going to use. Start with about 3 tablespoons worth, which won't seem like much at first. Place inside a large jar and then fill the jar with lukewarm water. Cover with some muslin cut in a piece that easily covers lid, and secure it with a rubber or elastic band. You can purchase a jar with a special lid that include a strainer in it, this works well also. Leave in a warm place overnight.

Drain In the morning, drain these thoroughly and fill the jar again with water. Gently slosh around the contents inside, and drain. Some leave the jar upside down at this point, letting every last drop drain out. Some just leave the jar on its side, which is fine if you have gotten all the water out. Put in a large place out of direct sunlight. That evening, rinse again and drain well again.

Twice a day Make sure to do the rinsing and draining process twice a day as described. Soon enough, you will get some sprouts from your beans, pulses, grains or seeds! It will be very exciting to see it pay off, and know that you are doing something so healthy for yourself! Generally speaking, these little sprouts will be ready before the week is out.

Use Many like to sprinkle these sprouts onto their salads, sandwiches like tuna salad or chicken salads, or chop and make into a spread. What sounds really fun that I haven't tried yet is to add to curry recipes, and stir fried meals.

Plant If you are like me, you will probably see these little things with the tiniest sprouts and roots, and want to stick them in dirt, and add some water and sunshine. That is ok too, and that is its own whole new adventure. I have heard that garbanzo or chick peas are fun to do sprouting with. Maybe that will be my next project.


I love this couple's enthusiasm! Great video

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      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Thank you Phoenix!

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      Great hub!

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      This is a very good hub with detailed explanation. Thanks.