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Panera Bread vs. Au Bon Pain vs. Starbucks

Updated on January 8, 2018

My preference between Au Bon Pain, Panera Bread and Starbucks is hands down -- PANERA but I would appreciate your opinion on this. Choose which breakfast selection you prefer

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Pastry selections at Au Bon Pain.
Pastry selections at Au Bon Pain.

Au Bon Pain

When I worked in downtown Pittsburgh, I was closer to an Au Bon Pain and bought a lot of my morning selections from that shop.

Their orange scones are very good as are their apple cinnamon scones.

In the winter, I would buy a bowl of their oatmeal and there were plenty of selections to add to the flavor such as cinnamon and sugar. I prefer my oatmeal with butter and granulated sugar. Since I am lactose intolerant, I found that if I ate the cereal with 2% milk I still got an after reaction to eating the cereal. So, I have gone to eating my oatmeal without milk and watering it down a bit before I add my butter and sugar.

We did buy their muffins and other pastries for breakfast meetings at the office and those selection were satisfactory for my taste in baked goods.

Pastry showcase at Panera Bread
Pastry showcase at Panera Bread

Panera Bread

Since I no longer work Downtown, I have taken to shopping at a local Panera Bread for my morning selections. I love good pastry and I am partial to their Cherry Danish. I have bought their pastry ring to take to the office to share and this ring has the cherry, cheese and apple danish combined on the ring.

My favorite scone is the orange scone and Panera has an excellent scone. I also love pecan danish and the traditional pecan roll. The ones at Panera are fabulous. I have done my homework though and researched their food content and what is best as far as cholesterol. I have found that their Pecan Braid is the lowest in cholesterol and I am partial to that selection because it satisfies my craving for danish and pecans.

Starbucks Pastry Case
Starbucks Pastry Case


You can find Starbucks in almost every city, mall or grocery chain. I myself do not drink what I call designer coffee and Starbuck's blend is too strong for my taste. Therefore, I normally steer clear of the stand in my local Giant Eagle. The lines are always two or three thick but the Starbucks stand is not a large one and only has one person at any time of the day.

I have tried a few of their pastries and they are equal to both au bon pain and Panera in most instances. I still prefer the filled pastry from Panera but Starbucks does a good job with the muffins, eclairs and donuts.


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