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Best 5 Restaurants in Chinatown, Bangkok

Updated on January 3, 2014

"Yaowarat" or Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the oldest area in Bangkok. During day time it might look like nothing but a total traffic mess, but when the sunsets this old place turn itself to one of the most fascinating area with beautiful red lights in Chinese character. Chinatown is the Mecca for those people who looking for street food heaven. Of course, they have more than fifty exciting menus waiting for you to try out. But somehow you don’t have enough time to explore it all. Which is why we choose the most famous places for people who are fresh in town and want to be able to say that," I was in Bangkok." Because not having them is like not reaching Bangkok.

1. Pa Jin Hoy Klang Lowk

Hoy Klang Lowk or “boiled blood cockles” is one of the most simple seafood that you can find anywhere along the street, but not so easy to find the yummy one. This street cart used only farm’s blood cockles which means more hygiene plus with unique cooking style, and that’s why this little small food cart be the starbond. The location is on Padung Dao Road or middle of Soi Texas. Open from 08:00 - 24:00 everyday.

Hoy Klang

2. Kuay Teow Kua Gai Tao Tan

Famous noodle shop call “Kuay Teow Kua Gai Tao Tan” which their name come with straight meaning is “Thai wide rice noodle stir fried with chicken in authentic brick oven”. The main special thing for this shop is the way they create every dishes look likes arts. Prices start from 30 - 50 THB.

Kuay Teow

3. Kuay Jub Auan Pochana

Kuay Jub or “porky noodle” is a masterpiece from this restaurant which make them become one of the super star on this Chinatown street and you won’t regret eating it for 2nd times. Especially, the hot taste from pepper and crunchy taste from crispy pork.

Kuay Jub

4. Moo Toon - En Toon Bangrak - Yaowarat

Stewed pork meat & pork tendon with red soup in clay pot, does this dish look normal to you? It doesn’t taste normal, especially the aroma smell from soup with very warmth serving. Location between Kuay Jub Auan Pochana and old movie theater. Price start from 40 - 50 THB.

Moo Toon

5. Chinese Herb Dessert Chen Tong

This shop is a food cart located on Yaowarat Road, opposite with White Orchid Hotel. Heaps of traditional Chinese dessert that is made from herb is the strength from this little cart as it can make you feel less guilty for having it more!

Chinese Herb Dessert

Have you tried any of them before? Share your experience!

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