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Best Barbecue Restaurants

Updated on May 24, 2008

Do you enjoy delicious slow cooked barbecue? I haven't met very many people throughout my life who don't enjoy the delicious taste of home style barbecue. Some of the best barbecue restaurants are local favorites, but several chain restaurants also offer top notch barbecue.

Whether you enjoy barbecue beef, pork, chicken, or anything else, there's a good chance that there's a restaurant near you that offers lip smacking, finger lickin' delicious down home barbecue favor that's perfect for special occasions and every day meals.

2 Great Southern Barbecue Restaurants

I don't claim to be a barbecue expert, nor have I tried every barbecue restaurant there is. I live in the southeast, where barbecue is quite popular. We have a lot of chain and local barbecue eateries in my corner of the world, and there are several really great options. Here are two of my favorite southern barbecue eateries. These aren't the only ones I enjoy, but I do find myself going back to these two spots time and time again.

Sonny's Barbecue: Sonny's is a chain barbecue restaurant with locations throughout the southeastern part of the United States. The company prides itself of top quality, deliciously prepared barbecue and speedy service. If you're traveling thorough the southeast and you want a quick and tasty meal, pull over if you see a Sonny's.

You'll get a quick and delicious barbecue dinner in less time that you would have to spend in most fast food establishments. Even if you don't live near Sonny's, you can order one (or several) the restaurant's delicious barbecue sauces to enjoy at home. Just visit the store on the Sonny's BBQ website.

Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue: Whenever I travel, I'm thrilled when my flight itinerary includes a little extra time in the Memphis Airport. There's a Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue located very close to the gate where planes to and from my home town board and unload.

Every time I travel through this airport, I stop by and order a barbecue salad. As strange as it may sound, this is a huge green salad topped with delicious pulled beef or pork, your choice. You can have the barbecues sauce added to your salad or you can have it served on the side, which is how I order it. They also have barbecue plates and sandwiches.

There are two locations outside the airport, so you can enjoy Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue no matter how you travel through Memphis. You can also have your favorite barbecue delights delivered to your door when you place an overnight delivery order. See the Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue website for ordering details.

What are Your Favorites?

I'd love to find some new barbecue spots to try. Why not share your favorite barbecue restaurants in the comments section below?


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  • Rob Jundt profile image

    Rob Jundt 9 years ago from Midwest USA

    OK. Here we go. If ever in KC, you have to go to one of the following; if not all.

    1) Arthur Bryant's: Great heaping servings with little frill. Outstanding.

    2) Jack's Stack: Not as much food as Bryant's but a greater selection. The Denver lamb ribs are incredible.

    3) Oklahoma Joe's: The original is still in a gas station. Need I say more?

    Honorable mentions: BB's Lawnside BBQ, Smokin' Guns, and a little out east in Warrensburg, MO, Perry Foster's Georgia Style.

    I'm already hungery!

  • solarshingles profile image

    solarshingles 9 years ago from london

    Mgwhite, you know very well how to make me hungry by reading about very delicious BBQ. Oh, yes, I am one of them, definitely!