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Best Crab Houses in Baltimore Maryland

Updated on May 16, 2015
Maryland! With a blue crab, fridge magnet.
Maryland! With a blue crab, fridge magnet.

How would I know...

Growing up in Baltimore, I seemed to have taken it for granted. Good seafood was as normal as putting your pants on. As I have moved to different states however... I have re-found my appreciation for the grand state of Maryland.

They may not be the best state in America, but by God they have the best crabs, and seafood! I get on my facebook every now and then begging people to mail me a good crab cake. I can make them myself though... But its the missing authenticity that makes me force insanity on my friends and family on the social site.

If you are trying steamed crabs for the first time or if you're unsure... I suggest male crabs. Personally I think female crabs had an odd sort of taste. Males are sweeter and a lot more meaty in my opinion. They cost a little more. That is because everyone likes them!

Here are some restaurants. There are hundreds of them and if you ask around you'll get different answers. But these are my favorites and the favorites of my friends and family.

Schultz's. Parking is in the back.
Schultz's. Parking is in the back.

Schultz's Crab House

My top pick. If you go. Get the crab bisque. Well, everything is great, but I'm a sucker for a good crab bisque.

1732 Old Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21221
(410) 687-1020

They are casual. Family atmosphere. You can get everything from steamed crabs to salad. And everything in between. I do not think the prices are that bad. The food is well worth every penny.

Awesomeness shaped like a pretzel!
Awesomeness shaped like a pretzel!

Bill Bateman's

They have everything here as well.

My downfall... Crab pretzel. If you've had one you know what I mean... It's a Huganic (yes, that's a word) soft pretzel covered with a lump crab meat and cheese awesomeness!

I fight people with flatware over these things... many injuries to them ^_~

There are a few. But If you're in the Harbor area here's one.

34 Market Place
Baltimore 21202
(410) 230-0026

Again, casual. Family friendly. Everything you can think of to eat. Not too pricey.

McCormick & Schmick's Grill. Pier 5
McCormick & Schmick's Grill. Pier 5

McCormick & Schmick's

Wow... This place is good.. Yes. I do believe its the spice company peoples...

Pier 5

711 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 234-1300

This place can be nice priced up to OMG. Depends what you get. But it is worth every dang penny.

Some of those yelp reviewers do not know what they are talking about. Who goes to a Maryland seafood place (Maryland, being the home of crab everything) for Maine lobster anyhow?

Faidley's Seafood
Faidley's Seafood


This place is located in Lexington Market.

203 North Paca Street Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 727-4898

It is a landmark restaurant. And I suggest it! Lexington Market has some of the best food in Baltimore. Next to Harbor Place!

I hope you have more than one night in Baltimore! Up to this point its a lot of eating! lol

Phillip's Seafood

I can't say enough about this place.

There are quite a few of these guys.. but this is the one in Harbor Place.

601 East Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202
(410) 685-6600

Holy cow it is awesome!

I like the crab cake club sandwich for lunch and just about anything else there any other time ^_^

It is the restaurant that started the Phillip's brand frozen seafood you see at some stores. That is them.


Jimmy's Seafood

Last time I was here they had one of those huge steaks that if you ate it you got it for free. I'm not sure if they have that anymore. They have awesome crab cakes though regardless.

6526 Holabird Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 633-4040


Ross' Seafood

This place was across the street from my subdivision when I lived in Dundalk.

I like their specials they have on steamed crabs.

1109 N Point Rd
(410) 288-1200

If you go during the summer, I shall warn you. Dundalk.. Has a particular smell to it. There is a water treatment plant right there. Can't miss the 2 golden egg-looking domes right off the highway. Makes things interesting but I assure you, if you ignore it, it does fade into the background of your mind.


Costa's Seafood Inn

I was only here once myself. But it was great! This also comes as a suggestion from a friend of mine.

4100 North Point Boulevard Baltimore, MD 21222
(410) 477-1975

The Scupper
The Scupper

Rusty Scupper

I saved this one towards the bottom.

402 Key Highway Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 727-3678

The food is to die for. The price however... Even half of the appetizers are in the 20.00+ range. Worth every penny, but that is a pricey place.

Formal. Or at least comfortable formal. I have never seen anyone wearing shorts and sandals in the place. Unless it was women's dress sandals. It may have changed. To stay safe if you go, where your church clothes. Those should work.

Steamed Seafood is only good with Old Bay. Everyone else is an imposter.
Steamed Seafood is only good with Old Bay. Everyone else is an imposter.

Jad's Caddy Shack

This is a pick from my friend's and former neighbors.

137 Back River Neck Road Essex, MD 21221
(410) 686-2816

I can't remember if I've ever been there or not. But they love the place and they have good taste ^_^

Jad's has a website where you can check out their menu etc. Its actually cool.

Crab Cakes

These guys are awesome! The way I have always eaten them is with a little bit of yellow mustard.



On half bread

By themselves

These things are so versatile. I suggest you have at least one while you're in Baltimore. Most places have them as meals, and appetizers.

Tray of Yummmm
Tray of Yummmm

Breaking into a crab

Crabs can be daunting. But here are some quick tips. I scare my husband sometimes... He thinks it's barbaric. But what do you expect from a guy that was house raised with lobster eaters? lol No dainty little forks here!

Tools of choice:

Mallet (they have little crab sized mallets)

Butter knife


That is all. Maybe a napkin if you have to scratch your eye.. That's about it.

What you do with these 3 items:

I very gently take all my crab's legs off first, eat the meat at the tips then sit them aside. Other's methods vary. But this is my method. Then. Turn the crab upside down. Put a thumb in one of the leg holes and use it as leverage. Pry the shell open.

Don't go ewww... I know you will... but shhhh its ok. Take your knife and scrape all the ewww out. Do not eat the lungs (or gills) either scrape them too or just ignore them. Then crack that back piece in half and using your butter knife or a finger get the meat out that is left.

For the legs, everything but the claws should be able to break just under your own hand strength. I break at the joints first and gently pull them away from the leg. That normally pulls the filament out. As for the big segments of leg, if you break them gently enough the meat should come out whole, and stay in one of the sides of broken shell.

There will be little filaments in some of the legs, so when you eat the leg meat, act like you're pulling it off a toothpick with your teeth. If the filament did not pull out when you broke the joints. You will know if it's there. It looks, and feels like plastic.The claw has a huge thumb size filament between the two lobes of meat. it is paper thin. You need the knife blade and mallet for the claws, and the arm right before the claw. You center the bade and strike the blade over the leg with the mallet, and crack it, you do not want to go all the way through. Then use your hands to break the rest of the way.

You eat your crab like this in front of people that have never eaten them either, you will look like a boss. Seriously. You will impress a few people.

Now, go enjoy some crab!

I hope this helped ^_^


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    • Natisu profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Georgia

      Ooo. Thank you, I'll get back on in the morning and play with that map feature. I didn't know it existed. Glad you liked my hub. Thanks again! ^_^

    • hazelwood4 profile image


      6 years ago from Owensboro, Kentucky

      Thank you for sharing a really informative Hub about places to eat crab in Baltimore, Maryland. I really enjoyed reading about all the great restaurants in the area, and if I am ever up that way again I will have to try one of these out. You might want to add a few of the MAP capsules to your article too.:) Here is a Hub in regards to using this feature.:)


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